NY Governor’s INSANE Reaction to North Carolina’s Gender Identity Bill

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is prohibiting all state employees from traveling to North Carolina for “non-essential” purposes, following that state’s gender identity bill, HB 2.

As we’ve reported before, North Carolina’s gender identity bill HB 2 overturned a Charlotte, North Carolina ordinance that would have allowed people to use gender-specific facilities according to their “gender identity.”

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Andrew Cuomo’s executive order follows San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee’s similar order prohibiting city employees from traveling to North Carolina at taxpayer expense.

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The Washington Examiner reported on Andrew Cuomo’s executive order:

The Democratic governor signed E.O. 155 “to ban any such publicly funded or publicly sponsored travel to such location, unless such travel is necessary for the enforcement of New York State law, to meet prior contractual obligations, or for the protection of public health, welfare, and safety.”

North Carolina’s gender identity bill would require a person to use the gender-specific facility consistent with his – or her – gender recorded on the person’s birth certificate. The bill also prohibits cities in the state from enacting ordinances in opposition to that law.

In addition to San Francisco’s mayor and New York’s Governor, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has also banned travel to North Carolina. Here’s the Seattle Mayor’s statement:

“An Executive Order prohibiting the use of City funds for travel by all City employees on City business to the State of North Carolina after passage of H.B. 2 until further notice and reaffirming this Administration’s continued commitment to civil rights and ensuring equity for all people in Seattle and beyond.”

“It is my hope for our nation that we do not allow issues of discrimination to divide us,” Mayor Ed Murray said. “Our union is only made stronger when all Americans are treated equitably.”

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