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NY Governor Faces Criticism for Silencing Sexual Harassment Victims

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When it comes to America’s sexual harassment awakening, it certainly seems that a great deal of the controversy is being generated in overtly liberal locales.

The entire societal revolution began when a long-kept “open” secret of Hollywood was exposed in the accusations against Harvey Weinstein.  The ultra wealthy and powerful producer, (and close personal friend of several high ranking democrats), had been harassing his way through the entirety of Tinseltown’s young starlets for decades, with a number of well known actors and actresses quietly acknowledging their prior knowledge of the heinous acts in the immediate aftermath.

This led to an avalanche of accusations in and around Hollywood, affecting nearly 100 well known actors, directors, or studio heads to this date.

Now New York State is coming under their own scrutiny thanks to the inaction of the state’s ultraliberal governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo repeatedly ignored a woman’s complaints about a “barrage” of unwanted sexual advances by one of his appointees, according to a federal lawsuit filed Saturday in New York City.

“Lisa Marie Cater, 51, alleges that William “Sam” Hoyt, the former regional president of the public-benefit corporation Empire State Development Corp., stalked, groped and kissed her without consent for approximately one year, the New York Post reported.

“Cater claims she was given the runaround when she called Cuomo’s office twice to complain about Hoyt’s conduct, the Post reported. She then emailed a complaint to the governor’s office and sent a message to Cuomo’s Facebook page, but was ignored each time, according to her lawsuit.

“The alleged abuse, which Cater claims left her on the verge of a “nervous breakdown,” began shortly after Hoyt helped Cater obtain a $30,000-a-year job at the state Division of Motor Vehicles in February 2016.”

Cuomo has been a controversial figure in New York State for some time, and this latest scandal may very well be his downfall.

New York City, an extremely liberal and progressive cess pool at times, holds power and sway over the remainder of the state due to population disparity.  New York State, outside of the Big Apple, is largely rural and conservative, with residents of the larger land mass often feeling resentful over the leftist politicking that they are often married to via name.  This has led to several discussion about secession of New York City from New York State, something that Governor Cuomo’s actions have exacerbated over the course of his time in office.

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