Nurse Fired For Offering To Pray With Patients

What would you do if your pre-op nurse offered to pray with you? What if she informed you that your chances of survival would go up if you allowed the prayer or prayed yourself. Most of us in such situations would not have had a problem with the offer.

Even if you did not want to have her pray for you at that moment, you would not be offended by the offer. It is not a mean or pushy offer. It is not given in a malicious way. It just may be something that you do not feel you want or need.
Well, one nurse in Britain has lost her job for such offers to her patients.

Heat Street reports

A Christian nurse was fired after offering to pray with patients before surgery and suggesting that praying to God might increase their chances of survival.

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Sarah Kuteh lost her job as a nurse in Britain last year following multiple complaints from patients, who claimed she talked more about religion than procedures and told some patients that praying to God would help them to survive, The Telegraph reported.

Mrs. Kuteh was sacked for gross misconduct from Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent. Eight “extremely vulnerable” patients who were facing surgery had submitted complaints about her behavior.

She refuted the allegations and instead brought her case to an employment tribunal, which is ongoing, claiming she was unfairly dismissed. She has 15 years’ nursing experience.

Mrs. Sarah has denied the allegations. She claims that it was not as the patients have made it out to be. She claims that she has not offered to everyone she gives the questionnaire to, but only those who she felt to have an opportunity.

But, even if this nurse was a little pushy, is this worth losing a job over. Would these people want to see the nurse get fired for these “offenses?” After all, it was kindness and not hate that has prompted Sarah to ask to pray.

But there seems to be a little more to the story than meets the eye. There have been warnings. This is not a new situation for the nurse. And she has probably been a little more tactful with her questions.

Heat Street continues

The chair of the panel, Victoria Leivers-Carruth, said the nurse was using her one-to-one time with patients to “impose her religious beliefs” on them.

“We did not believe that Mrs Kuteh was being disciplined because she was a Christian. It was apparent to us that Mrs Kuteh was disciplined because she had engaged in conversations about religion that were unwanted by patients and contrary to her line manager’s instructions,” she said in a statement.

The nurse’s lawyer, however, fired back saying that Mrs. Kuteh was merely showing compassion to people who were suffering.

It seems that this woman has been guilty at least of one thing, she has cared about her patients. She cared so much about their condition and their standing before God that she ignored the warnings and offered the opportunity for these people to pray.

Good for her, if we all could have the commitment to love our fellow man as she has tried to do, what a better place it would be that we live.

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