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Number of Terrorists Living in The UK Hits Horrifying Milestone

The terrifying attack on Manchester Arena in the UK yesterday reminded the world just how potent ISIS and their radical Islamic ilk truly are.

As thousands of young women were preparing to exit the arena after a concert by pop star Ariana Grande, a lone suicide bomber detonated in intensely powerful device that has so far claimed the lives of 22 people, injuring nearly five dozen more in the process.  The attack comes at a time when the European continent is fighting for their very survival against droves of terrorists who have been able to exploit the Syrian refugee crisis to gain access to countries such as Germany, France, and England.  By exploiting the diminished security measures caused by the EU’s inexplicable directive regarding asylum seekers from the Middle East, ISIS operatives are virtually invading these nations legally.

Now, a new study shows that the sheer number of terrorists residing within the UK has reached a terrifying number.

“THE number of potential terrorists being watched in the UK at the time of the Manchester bombing has swelled to nearly 3,500 – but our security services are using powers to monitor them LESS than they did a year ago, Express.co.uk can reveal.

“Latest figures show the 3,000 potential terrorists monitored since 2015 has grown after the return of UK-born people who left to fight with ISIS.

“About 400 ISIS-trained fighters are believed to have returned from war zones in Syria and Iraq.

“Despite being on red alert for more attacks on home soil like last night’s Manchester bombing, new statistics show the number of arrests, stop and searches, and examinations of suspected terrorists at ports and airports dropped in 2016 on the levels seen in 2015.”

These massive influxes of Muslim terrorists have been occurring all across Europe in recent months, with the European Union retaliating with only lip service to combat this new scourge.  Meanwhile, as these politicians bicker with each other, innocent people are dying by the hundreds in Germany, France, and England.

This despicable attack is just another reminder that our work to eradicate radical Islamic terror is far from over on a global scale.  As the Middle East continues its path toward complete radicalization, these dangers will become more apparent, and our day to day lives will change for the worse.  If these globalist, anti-soveriengty initiatives do not become upended, every nation on the planet could become a breeding ground for the plague of terrorism.


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