NSA Leaker is a Bernie Sanders Supporter who “Resists” Trump and Defends Iran

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The NSA leaker is a young woman by the name of Reality Winner, and boy is she a “winner.”

Yesterday, we told you that the Trump administration had finally tracked down and arrested the person leaking classified data to the press.

“A 25-year-old federal contractor is facing charges she leaked a classified National Security Agency document to a news outlet in May.

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“The charges against Reality Leigh Winner came about an hour after the publication of a story based on an NSA document detailing Russian attempts to hack American voting systems in 2016.

“President Trump has been pushing Justice to go after leakers inside the federal government, which he has identified as ‘the big story’ when it comes to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Winner’s arrest could signal the federal government is going to aggressively investigate and prosecute individuals who send classified intelligence to news organizations.

“Trump and other Republican allies in Washington have made pursuing leakers one of their top priorities, but Winner is the first to face charges for releasing classified intelligence.

“Winner, of Augusta, Ga., is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet. She was arrested on Saturday and appeared on the charge Monday.”

Today, we have more information about “who” Winner is and why she would have betrayed her country and risked the safety of her fellow Americans.

The 25-year-old woman who stole “Top Secret” documents from the National Security Agency and leaked them to The Intercept appears to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and other progressive icons, such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

Reality Leigh Winner’s apparent social media footprint also shows that she is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

She also recently referred to President Trump as a “piece of shit” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests.

Yes, these leaks were nothing like the ones that got Bradley Manning thrown into prison, or forced Edward Snowden to flee to Russia. At least with Manning and Snowden they were uncovering ongoing criminal activity from our own government, for Winner she was simply trying to embarrass a President that she didn’t like.

Here she is calling President Trump a “piece of sh**” back in February:

And here she is telling the Iranian government that she (and others) would stand with Iran against the United States if push ever came to shove. Yes, a woman with top secret security clearance told the Iranians on social media that she would support them against our government, and she somehow still had clearance to view classified intelligence. This is why we can’t have secret things.

The point is, this is not a woman who was acting in the best interests of her nation. This is not a patriotic American doing her best to safeguard the rights or lives of her fellow citizens. This is a traitor. This is a woman who because of political differences with the party leading our government, chose to expose classified state secrets in an effort to embarrass the President, even though revealing those secrets exposed our nation to harm.

Reality Winner should be on her way to federal prison for a very, very long time.


Onan Coca

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