NRA Head Wayne LaPierre says White House Leakers should be “Hunted Down”

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Wayne LaPierre is the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and leader of one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the world. The difference between the NRA and a corporation lobbying though, is that the NRA acts in concert with their millions of dues paying members not just a for-profit company.

LaPierre riled the crowd when he turned his attention to the leaks coming out of the White House that have been hindering progress for the Trump administration…

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Folks, our country is under siege from a media carpet bombing campaign. You can…

And America knows it.

You can hear it in their tone, their smears. You can literally see the disdain on their faces. Everything, from their word choices to their inflection, is trained on one target, purposely and maliciously destroying the Trump presidency.

No matter what it takes and no matter what it costs. Here’s just an example. For years, the media, they couldn’t have cared less about Vladimir Putin or Russia or Obama’s promise to go easy on him after he was re-elected, remember that? Which led to Obama’s slow-motion foreign policy train wreck in the whole region.

But now, barely a month into the Trump presidency, my gosh, they’re horrified. They’re all a fret (ph) over the Russian-American equation. Even more alarming, is they apparently found willing co- conspirators among some in the U.S. intelligence community. If an American president can’t talk to his counterparts in Mexico or Australia on a line that he knows is secure, then folks, our national security is at risk.

You know, 100 years ago, if you use eavesdropped and published the affairs of the head of State, you would have been tracked down and hanged for treason.

Yet, today, Obama can commute the sentence of a traitor like Chelsea Manning, and all the media want to talk about are Manning’s underwear choices and makeup routines.

See the speech in it’s entirety below:

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