NRA Challenges Obama to a Duel

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has challenged Barack Obama to a duel.

Not a duel, per se. A debate. If an actual duel took place most betting Americans might put their money on Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President of the NRA. And, Obama may enjoy “skeet shooting,” but that isn’t likely adequate enough experience for him to improve his marksmanship.

Even though the NRA headquarters were just down the road from Obama’s gun control town hall meeting, NRA representatives did not attend. According to the NRA, it wanted to participate, but the White House stipulated that the NRA would only be allowed to ask one pre-screened question. It declined.

Obviously, the White House wanted to prevent any curve balls or situations where Obama might be put on the spot and cast in a negative light. Perhaps he needed time to concoct an answer before a nationally broadcasted event, where there could be no room for mistakes.

Interestingly, however, at the town hall event, President Obama brought up the NRA. He told host Anderson Cooper:

“And by the way, there’s a reason why the NRA is not here. They’re just down the street…. And since this is the main reason they exist, you’d think they’d be prepared to have a debate with…a president.”

Maybe– but the NRA didn’t want to participate in a “dog and pony show” only to be allowed to ask softball questions.

Instead, Wayne LaPierre openly challenged Obama to a one-hour, one-on-one debate with no pre-screened questions or “gasbag answers”:

Think that will happen? Almost certainly, no. Just like the many scientists who challenged former Vice President Al Gore to debates about “global warming.” It will never happen.

But, it will be interesting to hear Obama’s excuse to avoid debating LaPierre.

Phil Hodges is a contributing writer for PoliticalOutcast, GodfatherPolitics, and LastResistance.


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