NPR Fake News: Podesta Spirit Cooking Is Fake News

An interview with Dana Perino was used to push more NPR fake news about the Podesta brothers.

This audio clip showcases typical NPR fake news. For example, the interviewer pretends that Donald Trump stands out among Presidents for being untruthful, pretending that Obama didn’t say he opposed gay “marriage” when he ran in 2008, say he would make the sea levels stop rising, and that Obamacare would allow people to keep their insurance plans and their doctors.

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But then a new level of NPR fake news is reached when Dana Perino is asked about Laura Ingraham as a possible next press secretary (at the 3-minute mark).

We are told as if it is beyond debate that Ingraham’s website,, published a “fake news story” about John Podesta’s “bizarre occult rituals.” She is referring to this article about “spirit cooking” and Marina Abramović.

John Podesta and others in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle may actively participate in bizarre occult rituals, according to an astonishing email released by WikiLeaks in October.

While powerful political insiders partaking in ceremonies that have been described as Satanic may seem like something that could exist only in a Dennis Wheatley novel, a June 2015 conversation between Podesta and famed performance artist and occultist Marina Abramović proves such scenarios are chillingly real.

This is fake news? The article provides more documentary evidence for an occult practice than NPR has ever offered up for their fabulous conspiracy theory that Russia “hacked” our election.

You should read the full story at Lifezette and then go read and compare this attempt to debunk the issue at the Washington Post. Here’s an excerpt:

We also reached out to Abramović about all this. Through a spokesperson, Abramović said she was “astonished and appalled that references to my work are being misrepresented in this way to use for political capital.”

“Tony Podesta is a long-standing friend of mine,” the artist said. “These comments relating to his brother John are absurd. I had a dinner, which Tony Podesta attended and which John was invited to but could not attend.”

In an interview with Art News, Abramovic said that the dinner was “just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all,” and that the dinner was a reward for donors to a recent Kickstarter campaign.

So, a friend and supporter of the Podestas, when entangled in a scandal with them, issued a statement to deny anything scandalous? That counts as “real news”? They didn’t even get a journalist to speak to her face to face and ask questions!

This is the kind of “journalism” that assured us that questions about Hillary’s health were just a conspiracy theory. They “knew” that Clinton was healthy. Why? Because that’s what the Clinton campaign told them. And when it turned out that they had been lying and changed the story to pneumonia, the media simply repeated the new story as the unquestionable truth, even though they had just admitted that the campaign had been lying before.

Behind the NPR fake news is a mindset that simplistically assumes that their “team” is always right and the other team is always wrong.

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