Nowhere Left to Run

In mystery and horror movies, you will see a familiar sight. A soon-to-be victim running from an attacker. In mystery movies, it is often someone fleeing from a person only they can see, usually with a gun or knife, either in their own home or familiar streets which happen to be abandoned at a late hour. In horror movies, it is likely to be  some blonde woman with big hair and larger breasts fleeing through the woods in a pair of 6 inch heels from a beast with claws or a terribly disfigured man in a hockey mask with a massive machete. In either case, though, the goal is to escape with one’s life. They hardly ever do because the whole point of the movie is blood and carnage.

Both genres are quite popular and over the years have become more bloody and gruesome. I believe part of the popularity is because as we watch the people on screen try to escape, that is exactly what we are attempting to do for a couple of hours — escape. Even though Candy the blonde bimbo is getting hacked to pieces on screen, we are “safe” and comfortable in the theater munching on overpriced popcorn and finding comfort in the fact that it is NOT REAL.

What waits for us outside is a world filled with actual horror. There are unborn babies being murdered, children being raped, people killing themselves and all manner of other atrocities going on in the world. In America, as long as we don’t watch the news we can sometimes pretend it is not happening, and that it is not real. As long as it is not in front of our faces, we can ignore it and go about the business of living. We can get up 5 days a week and go into work, take our lunch break and then travel home only to get up and do it all again. It is the monotony of life.

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Occasionally there is a departure from the ordinary in the form of a fender bender, death of a family member or small but easily remedied problem. We just keep our heads down and keep moving as long as we do not have to come face to face with the harsh reality of the world we live in. We fill our closets with clothes and shoes. Fill our cabinets with food and gadgets with which to prepare that food. We try to fill our lives with STUFF so that we feel complete.

Many people manage to live an entire life without ever having to realize that what this world has to offer is empty and not enough. They convince themselves that THIS is all there is.

America is a land of immigrants. People have fled here for centuries seeking to escape oppression and possible death. They longed for freedom. That is what this country was founded on for many. But as I look around now with eyes wide open, I can not help but see how enslaved we are. Not necessarily by the government or some dictator, but by our own selfishness and greed. Women are free to perform unspeakable acts under the guise of choice. Men are free to reach for the golden ring at the cost of their families and call it a dream.

No matter where you live, what “laws” are in place to protect you unless you realize that nothing you can obtain with a paycheck is of true value- SLAVERY is what you are in. You can travel the entire planet but until you find the only salvation available to mankind, you will remain in shackles. Do you want freedom? There is a book you should read — Holy Bible is its name and in its pages you will find the ONLY key to the chains we wear. Make no mistake; you can not pick the lock, you can not hack through the links, the only way out is to find the key. The good news is that HE is also all around you and easy to find when you pick up your head, open your eyes and not only look, but see.

You will find the words written there more important than any Declaration of Independence any Bill of Rights or any amendments written by man.

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