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There is Nothing Scarier than the U.S. Government Spying on it’s Own Citizens

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Today, we’ve already had a few stories unfold that shed different degrees of light on President Trump’s concerns that the Obama administration had wiretapped his campaign team. Yesterday’s report from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that alleged he had seen documents proving that at least some of the President’s campaign team had been “unmasked” in intelligence reports (something that is very illegal), then the Democrat Party erupted in anger… not at the fact that Trump had been spied on, but on Rep. Nunes for telling the nation what he had seen.

In my mind the Democrats focus on Nunes, and not on the possibility that he was telling the truth and someone in the intelligence community had broken the law, was suspicious.

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It strikes me as INSANE that the Democrat Party cares more about Nunes’ reaction to the information he found obviously supporting President Trump’s fears that he was being monitored, than they do about the fact that Trump really did have a reason to be paranoid. Shouldn’t they care more about the fact that someone in the government WAS watching the Trump team? Shouldn’t they care more about the fact that the FBI Director just told them it wasn’t happening? Shouldn’t they care more about the fact that the FBI has suddenly become reticent to obey Congress?

I also argued that if Nunes’ assertions were true, we have a far-bigger problem than an embarrassing moment for the Obama administration.

How dangerous and worrisome is it that the government was spying on a political opponent as they ran for office? This could be a turning point, if our intelligence community is willing to be accomplice to such disgusting behavior we are just one step from living in a corrupt dictatorship. There is more at stake in this investigation than President Trump’s reputation or a few years in prison for the rebel mole in the Obama intelligence community. The fate of our nation and our Constitutional rights hang in the balance.

Apparently, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson agrees with me. If Nunes is correct about what he has found, this has suddenly become a much greater scandal than anything we might find in the Russia investigations. In a conversation with a Democrat strategist Carlson argued that every American, of every political stripe, should be very worried about what is happening here.

“It is a little bit weird that one administration would be surveilling a candidate, and or his staff, during a presidential race on the other side. Does that not give you pause?

I think there is evidence that these investigations were initiated by the Obama administration because they believed there were untoward ties between the Trump administration and foreign actors. B: The names in the documents, in the readouts of the conversations that were wiretapped, in effect, were not redacted, which contravenes policy.

If they did leave the names unmasked, it seems like a major violation…

Here’s the point: The idea that one administration might be using the massive intelligence gathering of the U.S. government is a terrifying prospect and we’re seen it before… with Gov. Eliott Spitzer of N.Y…. He was put under surveillance by the Feds for the crime of adding money to his own bank account. Gen. David Petraeus, his life was destroyed because they broke into his Gmail account. Why? This power has been misused again and again. But it is used against people who are unpopular, so we don’t care. We should care…

Maybe [Nunes] is lying… but if this is true, it is a bigger scandal than anything alleged about Russia.


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