Do-Nothing Congress’ Abysmal Approval Ratings Sink EVEN LOWER

With their foolish acts of defiance likely to render their legacy an ugly one, Trump’s first Congress has reached an all time low in approval ratings.

Congress has long been one of Americans’ least favorite bodies of government, thanks to special interest corruption, a weak work ethic, special treatment on healthcare, or the overarching desire of these politicians to achieve nothing other then reelection.  The thought that some of these congressional members somehow represent We The People is astonishing.

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Now, things in the legislative branch are even more stagnant than before as democrats and traitorous republicans alike continue to oppose and “resist” President Trump on a great many of his major policy initiatives.  These goals, which were set forth during the 2016 campaign that saw the American voter overwhelmingly choose Trump over democratic criminal Hillary Clinton, should have been congressional slam dunks in these first 6 months of The Donald’s reign.  Instead, the republicans are capitulating to the democratic “resistance” to the President, citing their own establishment needs over the desires of the American people.

It is for this reason that Congress was recently revealed to have only a 10% approval rating among We The People.

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“It’s no secret that Congress isn’t exactly the most popular institution in American government. But now it’s reaching new lows.

“Congress sank to a 10% approval rating in a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, with roughly five in six Americans saying they disapprove of the country’s legislative body. This compares to an 18% approval rating in March.

“And if you’re searching for the main reason behind the drop, look no further than Republican voters.

“Back in January and March, more than one in three Republicans said they had positive views of Congress, which is controlled by the GOP in both chambers.

But now, that’s plummeted to just 14% of Republican voters who give Congress a thumbs up.”

Where President Trump’s grand plans saw him elected, Congress’ abhorrent inability to capitalize on their majorities in both house to make those grand plans come to life will likely be the end of several legislative careers during the next election cycle.
It is likely time for the American people to make a purge of Congress, and of congressional leaders who have refused to compromise their selfish, elitist ways in order to achieve what the American people are demanding of them.  Instead, the legislative branch has become a cesspool of self-serving, self-righteous cretins hellbent on making sure that their current position isn’t their last, no matter how ineffective their time may be.

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