Not if, but When will Obama Use Hillary Clinton to become a Dictator?

With increasing frequency Mr. Obama is painting Donald Trump in alarming colors, forms and threats.  He is working up to the point he can announce that he is “…saving America from a mad man.”  He will have a secret panel of Ivy League psychologists conclude that Trump is clinically insane and in need of electroshock treatment until he can only recite nursery rhymes instead of bizarre threats to “Make America great again.”  We have to ask, “What’s the difference?”  It seems to be all he can say anyway.  And you thought “1984” was only a movie!

How long before we hear, “Everybody knows America is as great as it should be under President Obama!”  President Obama will have the complete cooperation of the “free press,” a joke in name. An example of what we will see more of was recently released in Salon:

“The U.S. can’t let Trump win:  His victory would embolden the most hateful Americans who fostered his rise

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A victory for Trump would legitimize the dangerous, inchoate anger of unhinged Americans” by Bob Cesca

A few pull-quotes from the piece:

“Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy, and therefore he can’t simply lose the election. He has to be electorally humiliated. Crushed. Embarrassed.”

“…the loss has to be so overwhelming that it discourages any similar would-be populist tyrants from emerging in the future. In a word, Trump and anyone similar needs to be politically put-down in a way that permanently ends whatever derangement led us to this point.”

“Consequently, the results of the election have to send a clear and incontrovertible statement to everyone paying attention: there is no room in American politics for “homegrown demagogues,” as President Obama put it, and, equally as importantly, the mindless automatons who support them.”

“And the ones who believe his lies are so completely poisoned with Obama and Clinton derangement, devolving to behavior indicative of end-stage Syphilis, there’s simply no reasoning with them.”

These four examples of the ideation and design of the campaign to set us up for an Obama third term or “President for the duration” to get us through the “Trump threat” and on to the “Eternal President Obama” millennium, so wonderful have been his first eight years, this lead jumps from the page!

While none dare call it conspiracy many realize this is the culture we have been building as all our corruptions, failures and poisons of the past have built not a “Shining city on a hill,” but a mausoleum of sin, shame and failures.

We have blown every challenge.  The Civil War could have been ended with a bond issue compensating slave owners for what they had done legally.  That kind of enlightenment and progress have a price, but it does not have to be war.   World War I had a long lead time and was clearly coming or possible, but diplomacy failed in a way that only made the assassination of an obscure duke a trigger.  We were so sloppy with the ending no one noticed for 50 years that the settling treaty was unreadable, save with a mirror, as the typist had flipped the carbon paper during the preparation.

We had an opportunity to end war forever after World War II as President Harry S. Truman could have announced that we would destroy any country that invaded another with atomic bombs.  Josef Stalin had designs on Europe and knew he had to eliminate this threat so he instructed Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White to convince Eleanor Roosevelt, who was guiding Truman in his early Presidency as she knew everything FDR was planning, that “nuclear weapons were too horrible to use,” thus disarming the United States at that level.  Harry bought it to the applause of the military-industrial people as they had gotten fat and happy on war material profits.  These were our greatest failures and have haunted us ever since each happened.  Now it appears we are about the commit the final error under the direction of a Muslim mad man batting down a billionaire with a balloon ego.

There is one remaining element in the triggering of this critical mass:  What about Hillary?  Is she the beneficiary of great flaw in Donald Trump?  We think not.  This is all coming together in a way that Mr. Obama cannot resist.  All he has to do is pull the string on Hillary and not only see an “Eternal President” post ahead, but revenge of the kind only he can enjoy “supped cold,” in the words of the bard.  Barack Hussein Obama is a man who never forgets a slur and the Clintons both offended him deeply in 2008.  He has not forgotten.  The only question is when?


Adrian Vance

Adrian Vance is a writer and producer of educational films, filmstrips and audio programs with over 325 productions from script to screen. See a partial list of my credits at . And, have written for ten national magazines, been on the masthead of two as an Editor, done a dozen books and am an FCC licensed broadcaster with ten years of on-air experience in radio and television. See my blog, "The Two Minute Conservative" at where you will find over 3200 daily pieces, enough material to produce 25 novel length books.

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