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NOT SHOCKED: The Reviews Are in For Michael Moore’s Latest Film

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There’s a predictable cycle to Michael Moore.  One that moves in a lopsided, bloviated orbit around the liberal discourse.

I would wager that those descriptors may have been used in the past to describe Moore himself on occasion, as the filmmaker truly seems to revel in his self-created controversy, not unlike Sacha Baron Cohen.  The difference between the two is the scale; Where Cohen spends a few days at a rip suspending disbelief through the use of dummies, disguise, and deception, Moore spends months.  Sometimes years.

This allows Moore to create a deep and weaving narrative that would take days upon days to fully refute.  Then, the debunking wars begin.  Before you know it, there is so much information on the internet regarding Moore’s claims that those promoting the facts will simply throw their arms in the air and move on.

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Coincidentally, (or maybe not), the life cycle of Moore’s misinterpretations and exaggerations tends to last exactly the amount of time it takes to make it into the black on box office proceeds.

Funny how Hollywood works, isn’t it?

Michael’s latest film, his swan song against the election of Donald Trump, is finally hitting theaters this week and the reviews are in.

All in all, Fahrenheit 11/9, as the film is called, is receiving some harsh criticisms:

Charles Ealy, Austin American-Statesman

“Here’s the thing: Moore constantly makes statements that are technically true but aren’t entirely accurate … Fahrenheit 11/9 is full of such allegations. It will cheer the faithful but leave a lot of us wondering what Moore has left out.”

Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

“Not his best effort … it’s like Moore’s even forgotten why he got into this business in the first place.”

Matt Goldberg, Collider

“Michael Moore wants to rally emotional support for a political revolution, but as always, he cares more about stunts than policy details.”

Mark Dujsik, Mark Reviews Movies

“The unfocused Fahrenheit 11/9 mostly tells us that things are bad and could get worse, which seems unnecessary at this point.”

I haven’t seen a critical shellacking like this one since Jennifer Lawrence starred in something.



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