North Korea

North Korea’s Strange Submarine Maneuvers Detected by U.S. Military

North Korea’s unprecedented ICBM tests aren’t the only military maneuvers catching the eye of the U.S. in recent weeks.

North Korea and their “supreme” leader Kim Jong Un have continuously threatened to destroy the United States via a thermonuclear weapon that they may, or may not, even possess.  While experts believe that the rogue regime does have a few plutonium and hydrogen based atomic weapons, there is no concise answer as to whether or not Kim has the means to deliver such a blow to the continental U.S.

Sure, the ICBM tests that occurred in July were both hypothetically capable of reaching somewhere between Anchorage, Alaska and Chicago, Illinois, but the real question is still whether or not North Korea has the means to attach a nuclear warhead to these newly minted missiles.  Furthermore, the latest analysis of last week’s launch has some experts curious as to whether or not these ICBM’s will be able to re-enter our atmosphere without suffering catastrophic damage.

Outside of Kim’s ICBM threats, however, lies a formidable armada of North Korea submarines….submarines that were spotted preparing for something heinous this week.

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“The United States military has detected ‘highly unusual and unprecedented levels’ of submarine activity by North Korea, including evidence of an ‘ejection test.’

“Those detections come in the days following North Korea’s second intercontinental ballistic missile launch last month, defence officials told CNN.

“An ejection test refers to a procedure that examines a submarine’s so-called ‘cold-launch’ systems that allow a missile to be shot out of the vessel using pressurised air. One launched into the air, the missile’s engines would then ignite as to avoid damaging the submarine with heat and flames.

 “The ejection test was the third in July, and the fourth for the year overall. Those launch capabilities are seen as critical to North Korea developing submarine launch capabilities.”
While Kim’s fleet of diesel submarines would be considered low-tech by U.S. standards, that doesn’t downplay the danger that they pose to America.
These submarines are extremely quiet; a key characteristic needed for North Korean forces to slip past Pacific-based defense microphones that the United States employs to monitor enemies approaching from the west.  Should these subs be able to slip toward Hawaii, or even California undetected, they could potentially wreak havoc on an American city or two while the rest of the globe is focused on ICBM launches on the Korean Peninsula.

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