North Korea

North Korea’s New Year’s Eve Plans Could Have DIRE Consequences for U.S.

As we come to the end of the tumultuous year called 2017, we have found ourselves in no short supply of wild surprises.

Politically, Americans have faced one of the most arduous climates in modern history with an increasing radical liberal base pushing the limits of decorum and acceptable behavior on nearly every front.  On top of that, an inordinate amount of left leaning politicians and media figures have been caught both literally and figuratively with their pants down in what can only be described as a cultural sexual awakening.

Perhaps one of the most incredible surprises of the year, however, has been the unexpected escalation in North Korea’s military ability and their incessant threatening of the United States and its people.

While North Korea is certainly no stranger to riling up the international community, the past twelve months have been extraordinarily profound in terms of the rogue regime’s technological progress.  For decades the world was under the assumption that North Korea would maybe, eventually get to the point in which they could successfully launch an intercontinental ballistic missile or detonate an actual thermonuclear device.  In 2017, however, the tiny and despotic nation achieved both within a matter of weeks.  This development wreaked havoc own the international community and, especially, the United States.

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Now, before the year is over, it looks as though Kim Jong Un and his goons have one more surprise for us still.

“North Korea appears to be pressing ahead with its nuclear programme. Satellite images recently detected hectic activity at the North Korean nuclear test site, Punggye-ri.

“Experts say that after North Korea’s last nuclear test, minor tremors were detected near Mt Mantap, located close to the nuclear site. However, Pyongyang is now engaged in additional tunnel work at the site.

“‘At the West Portal, there has been a consistently high level of activity since North Korea’s last nuclear test. This includes a routine presence of vehicles and personnel around the portal, movement of mining carts from the portal to the adjacent spoil pile and signs of fresh spoil being dumped onto the pile,’ 38North experts said in a blog. ‘These activities suggest that tunnel excavation is underway at the West Portal, as the North Koreans expand the site’s potential for future nuclear testing.'”

Could the dainty dictator of the DPRK be readying another “gift” for President Trump during the Christmas season?  Experts seem to believe so.

North Korea has been on the brink of war with the United States since late Spring with consistent and defiant tests of banned weaponry occurring at nearly regular intervals.  President Trump has vowed to take action, something that his predecessor did not, and the U.S. currently has quite the military presence in both South Korea and floating off of the Korean Peninsula.  Just days ago, the United States added to that fighting force a half dozen F-22 Raptors – possibly the most advanced military aircraft in existence.


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