North Korea

North Korea’s Embarrassing Missile Fail Temporarily Calms Regional Tensions


Kim Jong Un has once again embarrassed himself on the international stage this week, after what was to be a blustery show of force exploded virtually in his face.

The North Korean dictator has a unique penchant for annoying the world and frightening those nations who are within striking distance of the unhinged “supreme leader”.  His yearning for nuclear weapons alone would be worrisome enough to warrant international military actions against him…were he able to get an atomic weapon off the ground.

Yet again, Kim Jong Un has found himself on the embarrassing end of another failed missile test, this time in celebration of “Day of The Sun”, the most important of North Korean holidays.  While his military parade went off without a hitch, displaying the full force of the massive million-man army and a mockups of some of the nation’s more advanced weaponry, a missile test that was scheduled for later in the celebration fizzled out before it even really began.

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“But seconds after the launch from Sinpo, a port city in eastern North Korea, the missile exploded. The failed launch came just days after another ballistic missile test in which the projectile fell into the Sea of Japan. The U.S. Pacific Command confirmed Sunday’s test.

“North Korea is ramping up its rhetoric of late. Kim has been increasingly bellicose, annoying even its closest ally, China. What’s more, the rogue country has conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches in violation of UN resolutions.

“So it’s not surprising that Kim launched the missile as Vice President Mike Pence arrived in the South Korean capital, Seoul, for high-level meetings regarding what to do about the North. Pence told South Koreans on Sunday that the U.S. commitment to South Korea has ‘never been stronger.'”

Kim’s inability to effectively launch missiles with any sort of regularity has helped to instill a sense of relative calm in the region.  While China had amassed troops on North Korea’s northern border,  the United States and Japan both have warships stationed off the coast of the despotic dictatorship, and all are ready for action should Kim make any sudden movements.  Fortunately, this botched missile test has reiterated what seems to be a pattern of failure for North Korea, and it has allowed these allied forced to catch their breath for the time being.

Surely, Kim Jong Un’s maniacal ways won’t be fully deterred by the failed test, which Pyongyang kept hidden from the North Korean people for reasons of appearances.  When Kim decides to ramp up his rhetoric again, the world appears ready to tackle him head on.

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