North Korea

North Korea’s Diminutive Dictator Responds to Trump’s Offer to “Meet” in Signature Psychopath Fashion

Kim Jong Un has had one foot in his own grave for a solid couple of years, and it sounds as if he has asked for a couple more shovels to help him keep digging.

The despotic dictator has been ruthlessly threatening what seems like the entire globe in recent months, writing hypothetical checks that none of his failed missiles tests have proven that he could cash.  Now, with China, Russia, the U.S., and Japan all standing on his proverbial doorstep, one last olive branch from Donald Trump has been chewed up, spit out, and stomped on by the minuscule marching boots of the “supreme” leader of the hermit kingdom.

“President Donald Trump said Monday he ‘would be honored’ to meet Kim Jong Un if the conditions were right, but the young North Korean dictator may not feel the same about Trump.

“Trump called Kim Jong Un a ‘smart cookie’ in a recent interview, acknowledging difficulties the young man overcame to become a brutal dictator. North Korea did not respond with any kind words about Trump or his administration.

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“Referring to the Trump administration as the ‘war maniacs,’ the paper of the ruling party, the Rodong Sinmun, argued, ‘The reckless nuclear war provocation by the Trump administration will bring it nothing but the fall of the American empire.’

“The state-run newspaper stated, “The U.S. mainland is the final target of the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s] strategic rockets tipped with powerful nuclear warheads … The Pacific is no longer a peaceful ocean which guarantees the security of the U.S. It’s vast territory is exposed to our preemptive nuclear strike,” vowing to render the U.S. Navy carrier strike group operating in the area ‘useless.’”

That’s no way to decline an offer from the leader of the free world, Kimmy boy.

North Korea has always maintained that it is ready, willing, and able to destroy the United States using intercontinental missiles equipped with nuclear payloads.  It has been a staple of the delusion that both Kim Jong Un and his predecessor father have been feeding to the North Korean people.  Honestly, it’s just about the only thing that the North Koreans have been fed in recent years, as the nation is suffering from a mighty bout of poverty, and is still recovering from one of the most devastating famines in modern history.

Now, with an international assortment of armaments ready to rain hell down upon Kim Jong Un’s arrogance, the leader has twice attempted to launch missiles aimed at displaying the nation’s military might.  In both instances, the rockets failed nearly immediately, embarrassing the reclusive nation’s dictator to no end.

Furthermore, satellite images that showed activity at one of the rogue country’s nuclear test sites revealed that, while North Korean workers are on site at the illegal facility, they’ve been busy playing volleyball. north korea volleyball team

While no one knows how many swings Donald Trump will allow Kim Jong Un to take before calling him out, one thing is for certain:  Time is running out for the likes of Kim.


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