North Korea

North Korean Labor Camps Make Auschwitz Look Like Day At The Beach

The saga of North Korea’s lunatic leader Kim Jong Un has taken yet another tragic turn this year as a number of defectors tell their stories.

The world has been aware of the maniacal “supreme” leader’s use of abhorrent “prison” and “labor” camps for the imprisonment of his political enemies and those who attempt to undermine this totalitarian rule.  The truth of the matter, however, is that these supposed camps for penitence are no different than the Nazi death camps and concentration camps of World War II.

Now, according to the latest available information from the secretive regime’s most recent defectors, these sites are likely the setting for far more horrific crimes against humanity than even Heinrich Himmler would have concocted.

“North Korean defector Ji Hyeon-a appeared at a United Nations event titled ‘The Terrifying Experience of Forcibly Repatriated North Korean Women’ on Monday, where she described her own experiences as a woman three times repatriated to the inhuman dictatorship after escaping to China.

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“Ji made it to South Korea on her fourth escape attempt in 2007 and therefore lived to tell her tale at the United Nations. The third time she was returned to North Korea from China, she was three months pregnant. Her captors forced her to have an abortion without medication.

“’My first child passed away without ever seeing the world, without any time for me to apologize,’ she said.

” Ji explained that North Korea ‘does not allow for mixed ethnicities,’ so they ‘make women who have become pregnant in China to miscarry by forcing them into harsh labor.’

“’At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers,’ she testified.

“She was sold as slave labor to a farmer after the second time she was recaptured, a fate that also awaited her sister. She was reunited with most of her family after escaping to South Korea but does not know what became of her father.

“Her testimony included horrifying descriptions of detention centers where inmates are forced to eat insects and rats. Their bodies, in turn, were fed to guard dogs after they died of starvation and diarrhea. She described the entire country as a ‘terrifying prison’ and said the Kim regime is ‘carrying out a vast massacre, and it takes a miracle to survive there.’”

Ji’s story has been corroborated by other defectors who managed to escape the reclusive hermit kingdom, but are astonishingly rare to hear from the mainstream media.

Now, as the United States is moving toward a possible conflict with the despotic nation, who has repeatedly threatened to turn America into “ash and darkness” through the use of their nuclear weapons, there is a bit more concerted effort to reveal the evil that lurks within the Kim regime.

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