North Korea

North Korea To World: Get Ready For Thursday!


North Korean leadership isn’t exactly known for their tact, poise, or predictability in the face of international pressures to play nice.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s airstrike at a Syrian airfield last week, and the subsequent repositioning of a U.S. Naval strike group near the Korean peninsula, Pyongyang has been abuzz with concern and rhetoric.  China then moved in on the secretive nation, amassing 150,000 troops on their border with Kim Jong Un’s hermit kingdom.

Now, North Korea is warning the world to be prepared for Thursday – an ominous statement indeed.

“North Korean officials have reportedly told foreign journalists to be ready for a ‘big and important event on Thursday amid escalating tensions with the United States. No other details were provided.

“There’s some speculation that the ‘event’ could turn out to be some sort of public showcasing of North Korea’s military capability, The Hill reported.

“Another concerning report Wednesday indicated that U.S. intelligence officials believe North Korea has placed a nuclear device inside a tunnel in preparation for a test.

“Voice of America News reporter Steve Herman suggested the device could be detonated on Thursday morning.”

North Korea successfully testing a nuclear weapon would be quite a game changer for the region, as a series of mishaps have plagued Kim Jong Un’s aspirations to be taken seriously.  As recently as January, the reclusive nation threatened to detonate a nuclear weapon on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, but were unable to follow through.


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