North Korea

North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb Capable of ICBM Mounting

The latest development in the saga of North Korea’s atomic arsenal is a doozy, and will likely prompt a massive international effort to contain the rogue nation.

In July, Kim Jong Un oversaw the testing of two successful ICBM’s – the first such tests in the history of the reclusive regime.  Experts believe that these new-to-North Korea missiles are capable of reaching the United States’ mainland, and possibly as far as Chicago, marking a new era in the threat posed by North Korea.  The saving grace in all of this was that there was no indication that the North Korean military possessed the ability to mount an atomic device to the end of one of these missiles…

…Until now.

News has broken in the far east that North Korea has conducted yet another underground nuclear test, this time of a hydrogen based weapon capable of being delivered by ICBM.  This startling discovery will likely force the world into action, as Kim Jong Un has repeatedly threatened to strike the United States with just such a weapon.

North Korea carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test early Sunday in an extraordinary show of defiance against President Trump, who responded by declaring the country ‘hostile and dangerous to the United States’ and criticizing an American ally, South Korea, for ‘talk of appeasement.’

“The underground blast, which caused tremors that were felt in both South Korea and China, was the first by the North to clearly surpass the destructive power of the bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

“The government said it had tested a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile, and hours before the detonation, it released photographs of its leader, Kim Jong-un, examining what it said was the new weapon.

“Hydrogen bombs are vastly more powerful than ordinary atomic weapons, and though some analysts were skeptical of the North’s claim, the early analysis indicated the device caused a blast that was roughly four times more powerful than anything the North has detonated before.

“Mr. Trump threatened last month to bring ‘fire and fury’ to North Korea if it continued to threaten the United States with nuclear missiles, and two weeks ago, after a brief lull in the North’s testing, he said he thought Mr. Kim ‘respected’ him and might be ready to turn to negotiations.”

And now the word will wait for a response from the United States and her Asian allies, as our nation is truly one of the most affected by this latest development.

North Korea has long held the belief that the United States are their mortal enemies due to lingering hatred from the Korean War, decades ago.  Nearly all of the Kim Jong Un’s military propaganda is aimed at denouncing the U.S., with a great many posters and videos coming out of North Korea displaying some form of U.S. destruction at the hands of Kim’s nuclear arsenal.

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