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North Korea Takes Next Step in Plan to Shoot Down U.S. Warplanes

The options for how best to deal with North Korea’s newfound aggression are dwindling this week, as Pyongyang ramps up their war games and military posturing.

Kim Jong Un has long held an intense hatred for the United States – something that has been passed down through the generations of “supreme” leaders in the DPRK due to the outcome of the technically ongoing Korean War.  It is this disdain for America that has prompted a full-scale war of words between the two nations, and the continued military testing of new and terrifying weapons by North Korea.

With the successful launch of two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July, along with the purported test of a hydrogen bomb weeks later, North Korea has emerged as a possibly serious threat to the U.S.  Now, as the American military continues to fly joint training missions with our South Korean allies off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong Un has declared that those U.S. warplanes are fair game for his military.

As if that weren’t enough of a concern, new reports state that Kim has moved his own fighter jets into position on the coast.

“NORTH Korea has moved jet fighters to the coast to intercept US bombers after accusing Donald Trump of ‘declaring war’.

“The dictatorship’s foreign minister yesterday claimed Pyongyang could target US jets flying outside North Korean airspace after President Donald Trump threatened to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea.

“South Korea’s National Intelligence Service said that while Pyongyang did not appear to have picked up the presence of the US B-1B
Lancer warplanes over the weekend, it had since bolstered its coastal defences.

“Lee Cheol-Woo, the chief of the National Assembly’s intelligence committee, said: ‘North Korea relocated its warplanes and strengthened defences along the east coast.’

“Meanwhile, the White House has blasted North Korea’s “absurd” claims that the US has ‘declared war’ on Kim Jong-un’s rogue nation.”

This latest escalation of rhetoric from Kim and his cronies comes at a critical time for the region, after North Korea has repeatedly launched missiles over the northern provinces of Japan.

President Trump has continually denounced Kim Jong Un’s actions as dangerous and deranged, often warning the dainty despot that his prolonged provocations would likely lead to a hefty response from the almighty U.S. military.  Despite this, North Korea has refused to disengage America and her allies, often returning Trump’s tweets with taunts of their own.

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