North Korea

North Korea Shirks International Pressure to Vow Nuclear Enhancements…AGAIN

The delusional dictatorship of North Korea has vowed, once again, to increase their nuclear foothold in the face of international pressure.

A chess match between the hermit kingdom and the United States has been slowing inching toward all out conflict in recent months as U.S. President Donald Trump has drawn a line in the sand regarding North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.  The isolationist regime this week again reiterated its intentions to bolster their nuclear arsenal, redundantly claiming that aggression from the United States is their cause for concern.

“North Korea’s deputy U.N. envoy said on Friday that the country will continue to strengthen its nuclear program as a necessary measure needed to counter U.S. aggression.

“Kim In Ryong told reporters that the U.S.’ hostile policy towards North Korea is ‘the root of all problems’ and that putting a definite end to this would be a ‘prerequisite for solving all problems on the Korean peninsula,’ Reuters reports.

“North Korea tested a longer-range missile last weekend, which experts say was a significant advance for a weapons program that aims at having a nuclear-tipped missile that can strike America. The test triggered a new U.S.-backed push for a fresh round of U.N. sanctions against the North.

“Kim praised the test launch and said that regardless of U.S. sanctions, Pyongyang would never abandon its ‘nuclear deterrence for self-defense and pre-emptive strike capability.’”

While the statement’s logic may have been able to find a foothold in almost any other nation on the planet, North Korea’s long-held hatred of the United States has created a quagmire for America’s current administration.  Dictator Kim Jong Un’s crazed responses and irrational behavior would make any military action on the Peninsula extremely dicey, even if that action is carried out by the USS Carl Vinson’s strike group offshore, as there is no telling what type of retaliation Kim would commit.   While most likely unable to carry out an attack on the strike group itself, North Korea could theoretically lash out against South Korea in a show of force, should they feel cornered.


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