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North Korea Sees Writing on The Wall, Preps For Cruise Missile Strike

Kim Jong Un may finally be coming to grips with the consequences of his prolonged provocation of the United States, according to recent activity in North Korea.

The reclusive nation has been on the offensive as it comes to the western world for some time, in particular, spitting their most heinous venom toward America and her people.  In truth, their venom has been most akin to annoying cold water, and it has been sputtering forth from Kim’s ample jowls in recent weeks.  Failed missile tests and satellite images of volleyball games at their nuclear test sites have shown that the dainty dictator is much more bark than bite.

In either case, the hermit kingdom has done their damnedest to provide evidence that they are a scourge of the global community, almost asking for military intervention by western powers.  Not only do they now have the attention of the United States, but even their sole ally in the region, China, has begun to enforce sanctions on Kim and company.

Now, amidst all of this posturing, North Korea has begun preparing for the inevitable.

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“The North Korean army is repairing protective walls for gallery positions to brace for possible cruise missile strikes after witnessing such U.S. attacks on Syria last month, a U.S. broadcaster said Thursday.

“The North’s armed forces ministry ordered the army to take steps to protect gallery strongholds from air raids in mid-April, Radio Free Asia (RFA) said, citing the Osaka-based North Korea specialist news organ Asia Press.

“In particular, the ministry’s instruction called for the army to remove strongholds made of stones as they can cause additional casualties when they are broken into pieces by missiles and instead make them with gunnysacks filled with earth or sand, Ishimaru said.”

To the western eye, it would appear that Kim Jong Un has been extremely fond of the idea of engaging the United States in battle, no matter how silly that idea sounds.  Yet, here we are, with North Korean leaders witnessing the 59-missile smashing of Sharyat airfield, without so much as a single Syrian shot fired, quietly preparing for the same fate.  All of this, of course, while continuing to run their mouths, threatening the entire region in which their diminutive nation rests.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., President Donald Trump will certainly be busy this week with more immediate concerns, providing Kim with the all-important element of time to prepare for just such a strike.



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