North Korea

North Korea Rocket Parts Came From Troubling Source, Complicating Diplomacy Efforts


North Korea has been consistently increasing the diplomatic difficulty of disarming the nearly nuclear nation in recent weeks, in an attempt to draw the U.S. into action against them.

With Kim Jong Un promising a nuclear launch for President Donald Trump’s inauguration, (that never happened), and then attempting to launch a rocket to celebrate The Day of The Sun, the United States has been on high alert for tensions in the region to rise.

In response, the U.S. sent warships to the Korean peninsula.  Japan, who has been effected by North Korea’s aggression in recent years, followed suit with a naval presence of their own.  Russia and China then added their own fleet of ships, but for the purpose of keeping an eye on the United States, not necessarily to rein in Kim Jong Un.

China did, however, amass 150,000 of their troops on the North Korean border as a show of force last week, which makes today’s latest revelation regarding North Korea’s missile technology all that more confusing.

“Evidence uncovered last year by South Korea’s navy revealed that some businesses in China had been illegally selling rocket components to the rogue regime of unhinged North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“After North Korea launched a satellite into space in February of 2016, the South Korean navy managed to snag entire sections of the satellite’s booster rocket from the ocean. Analysis later revealed that ‘(m)any key components (of the booster) were foreign-made, acquired from businesses based in China,’ according to The Washington Post.

“This meant that despite longtime assurances by the Chinese government that it was doing everything in its power to rein Kim in, some Chinese companies had been continuing ‘to act as enablers, supplying the isolated communist regime with technology and hardware that allow its missiles to take flight,’ as noted by The Post and based on observations from current and former U.S. and United Nations’ officials.”

This could also throw a wrench into U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest plan to let China work their diplomatic fingers to the bone with Kim Jong Un.  Should it be proven that China was complicit in advancing the hermit kingdom’s ballistic arsenal, there would be no guarantees that the leadership in Beijing would truly be willing to disarm the maniacal Kim.

The further development of Kim Jong Un promising “weekly missile tests” to pressure the United States into action has made the timing of this latest Chinese revelation even more concerning for international security.


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