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North Korea Releases New Propaganda With Washington in Crosshairs

It seems like just the other day we were praising North Korea’s decision to back down on their threats against the U.S. and Guam.

Well, that’s because it was just the other day.

While Donald Trump’s tough talk, including his “fire and fury” warning, had apparently convinced Kim Jong Un to back off of his recent threat to fire missiles in the direction of Guam, propaganda artists within the DPRK were hard at work creating new posters to the contrary.  This latest batch of D-grade, high-school-level “artwork” features some fairly predictable themes from the hermit kingdom:  The Capitol Building in the path of oncoming North Korean rockets, the entirety of America in flames, and more.

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“The three drawings were released by Pyongyang mouthpiece Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday.

“One shows warheads underneath a North Korean flag, all pointed at the Capitol, and captioned: ‘Our answer!’.

 “Another has a cartoon tank with a bomb mounted on top, which reads: ‘No one can stop our way!’

“The third claims that the U.S. is now within range of the country’s nuclear missiles, with dozens of bombs being launched at a United States on fire on a map.

“Their publication comes as a top U.S. military officer has branded a military solution to North Korea’s threats ‘horrific’, but that it is ‘unimaginable’ that the U.S. would allow dictator Kim Jong-Un to develop missiles that could reach American soil.”

The timing of these posters’ release is certainly peculiar, and could be seen as a strategic choice given Kim’s recent deescalation of threats against the U.S. Island of Guam.

Last week, Kim Jong Un claimed that he was ready, willing, and able to send four missiles into the seas around Guam.  This of course prompted the United States to react, readying anti-missile defense systems in the region and making sure that North Korea understood exactly what they would be getting themselves into by directly threatening America.

This sent Kim scampering back to his hiding place to release a message to the people of North Korea saying that he would be “observing” the Americans’ behavior for a while before following through on his plans to launch rockets toward Guam.

This poster release, however, seems to fly slightly in opposition to that calming of tensions.  Perhaps these posters are meant to convey a tougher image of Kim and his military ambitions after his harrowing loss in his war of words with President Trump.

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