North Korea

North Korea Pops Off: Missile Sent Skyward From Hermit Kingdom

Trouble is continuing to brew on the Korean Peninsula as the wee morning hours of Wednesday brought with it a surprise for those with eyes trained on Kim Jong Un.

Between the months of June and October, North Korea’s military had conducted a series of maneuvers aimed at getting the attention of the international community – a task in which they succeeded superbly.

The tests were an unfortunate success.  Two intercontinental ballistic missiles that each had the capability of reaching Chicago were tested first, sending shivers down the spine of those who never believed that the rogue regime would possess such weaponry.  Then, the more frightening piece of news:  North Korea had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb – the first thermonuclear device that Kim Jong Un or any of his predecessors have ever had access to.

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Now, yet another missile has been fired from the vicinity of Pyongyang, headed east.

“North Korea fired a missile towards the east in the early hours of Wednesday morning, South Korean authorities said, ending a more than two-month hiatus from Pyongyang and threatening to increase tensions with the U.S. and in the region.

“The missile, which South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said was fired from near Pyongyang, comes weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump visited the region and roughly a week after he redesignated North Korea as a state sponsor of terror.

“South Korean authorities said they were working with the U.S. to confirm details of the launch.

 “Prior to the launch, officials in Washington and Seoul openly wondered about the reasons behind the relatively long break in missile or nuclear tests from Pyongyang.”
Often, North Korea has refrained from launching missile tests in the latter months of the year, but today was a massive exception.
Experts are still working to determine exactly what type of missile Kim and his goons have sent skyward, and what exactly its capabilities are.  Previously, the diminutive despot had threatened to detonate a nuclear device in the Pacific Ocean – an act that would more than certainly prompt action from the United States and the world at large.

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