North Korea

North Korea Nuke Hype Hits China As Newspapers Prepare for Calamity

There is a terrifying reality beginning to set in for citizens of southeastern Asia, thanks to the nonsense being spewed forth by Kim Jong Un.

The crazed and maniacal North Korea dictator has been hellbent on destroying America, her allies, and much of the world through the use of atomic weapons that are currently in development by the rogue regime.  While past years have indicated a sever lack of technological prowess in this particular discipline, 2017 has been an entirely different story so far.

North Korea has made enormous strides toward becoming a full-fledged nuclear power on the world’s stage in recent months.  Not only has the totalitarian nation tested several successful intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2017, but a number of nuclear detonations have also been conduced with observant experts announcing that they believe these devices may have been thermonuclear hydrogen weapons, putting North Korea squarely in the upper echelon of destructive possibilities.

Now, North Korean neighbor and ally of Kim Jong Un, China, has been forced to reconcile their own support of the bizarre despot with the very real risk that Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions could sicken or kill Chinese citizens at some point in the very near future.

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“An official Chinese newspaper near North Korea has published a page of articles on coping with nuclear attacks, in a sign of growing anxiety over Kim Jong Un’s weapons program.

 “The Jilin Daily — the government newspaper of Jilin province on North Korea’s northeastern border — published articles on page 5 explaining how nuclear weapons work and the damage they cause. The paper used cartoons to offer advice on what residents can do about radiation exposure and provided instructions on how to respond during an attack.
“One article listed essential items for emergency kits, including fire extinguishers and breathing masks. Another warned that air raids could mean nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, and used the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima as an example.
“The cartoon images illustrated how residents should clean their bodies, boots and coats after being exposed to radiation. They suggested taking iodine tablets, if there is radiation nearby.”
The timing of these warnings has many observers concerned about the possibility of worldwide calamity as well, given the recent military deployments of U.S. assets to South Korea.
Just last week, American military forces began transporting F-22 Raptor warplanes to the region, marking a decidedly forceful approach to the U.S. presence in the area.  These stealth fighters would easily be capable of striking within North Korea long before being detected by the tiny nation’s outdated radar installations, possibly signaling an impending strike on Kim’s hermit kingdom.

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