North Korea

North Korea Missile Launch Strategically Avoided U.S. Military Detection

As if there wasn’t enough to fret about when it comes to North Korea’s latest brazen attempt at provoking the U.S., new evidence shows that Kim Jong Un may be far more clever than we’ve given him credit for.

In the wee morning hours, local time, North Korea fired off yet another of their newly acquired intercontinental ballistic missiles, pointed east toward Japan.  The flight of the surprisingly effective rocket was 50 minutes in duration, and reached a height not before seen by the hermit kingdom’s previous attempts.

Reality quickly began to sink in:  North Korea could finally send a missile skyward capable of reaching anywhere on the planet.  Even U.S. Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis was astonished by the launch, quietly admitting that this was by far the best “shot” they’ve ever taken.

As the world continues to analyzed the reality of this launch, a new, even more disturbing reality has set in:  North Korea chose a trajectory that would make it very difficult for American forces to respond to the launch, if they were even able to detect it.

“North Korea’s latest ballistic-missile test Wednesday appeared calculated to avoid crossing red lines that could provoke military action by Washington while demonstrating an advance in its campaign to build nuclear weapons capable of striking the U.S.

“Pyongyang said the test of its longest-range missile yet showed it could target the entire U.S. But the latest launch wasn’t as provocative as other steps it has threatened, including firing missiles at Guam, shooting down U.S. aircraft in international airspace, or exploding a thermonuclear device over the Pacific.

“Analysts weren’t ruling out that such steps could happen down the road. But for now, close observers of the regime say the test of what Pyongyang described as a new Hwasong-15 missile with a ‘super-large heavy warhead’ was calibrated to demonstrate North Korea’s status as a nuclear-weapons state without following through on more extreme threats that could lead to war.

“North Korea also chose not to launch the missile over Japan, as the regime has done with two missile tests this year. Instead, the Hwasong-15 splashed down between Korea and Japan after flying on a lofted trajectory that took it deep into space before reentering the earth’s atmosphere.”

This latest development has given the United States quite the fright, as North Korea’s military had not previously been considered capable of such advanced maneuvers.

Now, as Russia and China continue to downplay their ability to assist the rest of the globe in this matter, it appears that it will once again be up to American President Donald Trump to confront and disarm the dainty despot at the head of the North Korean regime.  And, given the advances that North Korea has made in recent weeks, the sooner, the better.

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