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North Korea Makes Shocking New Preparations for War with United States

With President Trump set to make a whirlwind trip to Asia in the coming days, North Korean leaders are preparing their people for possible conflict with the U.S.

The pressure has been mounting between the two nations over the course of the last year, as President Trump took office seemingly spurring a defiant streak in Kim Jong Un that many had never believed would come.  Often, the North Korean leadership would threaten and then capitulate in a regular pattern hoping to bargain with the U.N. over impending and already imposed sanctions.  This go-round has been quite different.

Not only has the rogue regime committed to fully operational ICBM’s, two of which were launched back in July, but North Korea is now claiming successful test of thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that could revolutionize the way the world is forced to deal with Kim and his cronies.

Just days ahead of Trump’s possible visit to the demilitarized zone on his Asian jaunt, North Korea has begun conducting evacuation drills in major metropolitan areas; a key sign that the reclusive regime believes that war is on the horizon.

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“North Korea has been conducting rare mass evacuation and black out drills throughout the country in preparation for war, it emerged this weekend.

“Multiple sources told NK News that the drills have taken place in secondary and tertiary cities and towns, particularly along the east coast, but not in the capital city, Pyongyang.

“The revelation comes during a time of heightening tensions between the hermit state and the US after a series of nuclear and missile tests, including an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of striking mainland America.

“Experts are divided about whether the unusual North Korean drills are a sign that the regime feels more threatened than before, or wants to create the perception that it is taking care of its citizens.

“’I have never heard of this type of training exercises before in North Korea, but am not surprised,’ Chun In-bum, a recently retired South Korean three star lieutenant general told NK News. ‘They must realise how serious the situation is.'”
The severity of these drills cannot be overstated, especially given North Korea’s public stance of being nigh invincible in the eyes of their citizens.
Kim Jong Un surely feels like he has egg on his face in ordering such drills, but deep behind the public persona he has cultivated lies a terrified and cowardly young man who has been thrust into the lion’s cage with only a wet noodle to defend himself with.  Now he has suddenly found some phony compassion for his people in order to prepare and protect them, even though he has been continuing to employ the use of torture, assassination, and concentration camps among the population.

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