North Korea

North Korea Launches ANOTHER Ballistic Missile in Defiant Show of Force

At this point, a very valid argument could be made that Kim Jong Un is trying to get himself assassinated by the United States.

The diminutive and despotic dictator of North Korea has been consistently, and annoyingly, providing the U.S. and an international consortium of her allies with forceful rhetoric, nuclear threats, and botched ballistic missile tests.  Today, however, the story changed slightly when one of those missile launches seemingly succeeded, traveling 500 miles before crashing into the sea near Russia.

“The projectile was launched at around 5.30am, according to South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff.

“‘The South and US are analyzing more details about the missile,’ it said in a statement without elaborating.

“US Pacific Command says the flight was not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile.

“Japan’s defense minister Tomomi Inada told reporters there is a possibility that it was a new type of ballistic missile, saying it flew Sunday for about 30 minutes and at an altitude exceeding 1,240 miles. She says more analysis was needed.

“Japanese officials said the missile landed in the Sea of Japan but outside the country’s exclusive economic zone. “

With Kim Jong Un becoming increasingly unhinged in recent months, the United States and her allies have been forced to ratchet up sanctions and pressure on the hermitic regime.  As of two weeks ago, the U.S. and Japan were both patrolling the seas off of the Korean Peninsula, while Chinese and Russian forces were amassing themselves on their borders with North Korea.

Given the no-nonsense attitude of U.S. President Donald Trump, it would not be all too surprising for the United States to initiate combat against the Kim regime…possibly giving the bizarre leader exactly what he wants.


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