North Korea

North Korea Issues Most Heinous Threat Against POTUS Yet

President Donald Trump has returned from his first ever trip to Asia as Commander in Chief, just in time to receive some harsh words from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

While Trump was away working his diplomatic magic, there was a mild tiff between the two world leaders.  Kim, in a bit of deja vu, insinuated that President Trump was a “dotard”; an archaic colloquial term that alleges the President is old, senile, and possibly maniacal.  This seems to be Kim’s favorite portrayal of Trump, having used the tired adjective a number of times over the course of the last year.

Trump, in a bit of hilarious and backhanded semantics, then let Kim know that calling the North Korean leader “short and fat” would have been beneath the U.S. President.

Kim Jong Un has never had much of a sense of humor, and it seems that the recent enhancement of sanctions against his nation hasn’t lifted his spirits one bit.  After receiving word of Trump’s pseudo-diss, Kim has fired back with a threat that is neither clever nor funny.

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“On Wednesday, the James Bond-like war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un’s North Korean regime continued unabated, with North Korean state media stating Trump has been ‘sentenced to death by the Korean people.’

“An op-ed in the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun stated:

“‘He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people. He will be forced to pay dearly for his blasphemy any moment … The Korean people will regard the face of Trump as a symbol of wolf-like U.S. imperialism and as a target of merciless retaliation and send him to the hell he likes so much to tout.'”

The dainty despot of the DPRK has been on President Trump’s proverbial list of offenders from day one of his time in the Oval Office thanks to Kim’s constant threats against the United States and the continued development and testing of the tiny nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Complicating the issue is North Korea’s close proximity to U.S. allies in South Korea and Japan, who are both well within striking distance of the rogue regime.  Any military maneuver by the United States would certainly trigger a barrage of destruction to befall Seoul, Tokyo, and possibly Guam and the United States, prompting the Trump administration to explore every possible diplomatic approach possible when dealing with Kim Jong Un.

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