North Korea

North Korea Inches Closer to Chaos as U.S. Troops Practice Capturing…

There is little doubt left that the end result of North Korea’s decades of political posturing will be a chaotic conflict between Kim Jong Un and the United States.

This is no unfortunate, or unwarranted outcome, either.  Kim Jong Un and his cretinous cabal have long been prodding the United States toward war with their incessant rhetoric and the recent flexing of their intercontinental muscle.  When you sprinkle in a dash of Nazi-esque prison camps and place a thermonuclear cherry on top, you have yourself a sundae worth paying attention to.

All of this had led to a dramatic increase in the American presence on the Korean Peninsula during this first year of President Trump’s time in the Oval Office.  These troops and their highly advanced weaponry have been taking part in joint drills with our South Korean allies for weeks, in a show of force designed to both deter Kim’s next move and prepare our friends in Seoul for the worst.

The latest war-game the the U.S. is playing abroad represents a bold new possibility in the disarmament of North Korea, and an ultimately risky maneuver for the region.

“U.S. military forces reportedly trained earlier this month for a mission that would put them on North Korean soil, with the objective of ‘infiltrating’ and ‘removing weapons of mass destruction,’ according to foreign military sources.

“Revealing photos of a recent exercise, dubbed Warrior Strike IX, show a U.S. military unit known as ‘The Black Jack Brigade’ training alongside their South Korean counterparts at Camp Stanley, in Korea. The pictures were featured in a post on the unit’s Facebook page.

“The images show soldiers training with night-vision equipment, armored vehicles and full-face protective gear, including gas masks. Descriptions of the event suggest soldiers practiced for eventualities such as transporting injured comrades and capturing combatants.

“According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, which quoted anonymous military sources, the combined exercise was designed to simulate ‘infiltrating North Korea and removing weapons of mass destruction in case of conflict.’ An Army spokesperson stationed in South Korea declined to comment.”

This possible military action would likely act as a middle ground between and all-out assault on North Korea or the oft-reffered to “SEAL Team Six” style removal of Kim Jong Un – the two most plausible routes to the disarmament of the DPRK.

In either case, the U.S. will need to work quickly in order to prevent Kim Jong Un from further antagonizing the globe and, specifically, South Korea at the onset of action.  With a battalion of rockets always aimed at Seoul, there is little doubt that Kim Jong Un would allow for a U.S. military engagement to occur without significant Hell being rained down upon his neighbors to the south.

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