North Korea

North Korea Eyeing 1950’s Technology to Deliver Undetected Nukes to Seoul

The capabilities of the North Korean military have been in the spotlight in recent months as the nation continues to terrorize the global community.

North Korea, which is headed by “supreme” leader and madman Kim Jong Un, has long threatened a number of sovereign entities throughout the world, most notably the United States and South Korea.  Those threats, however, have always been taken with a grain of salt due to the unknown nature of Kim’s true militaristic capabilities.

While there is a consensus that North Korea does possess a number of nuclear weapons, there is no way of knowing how powerful or portable they truly are at this time.   Furthermore, Kim Jong Un’s missile delivery systems for such weapons have been prone to erratic failure more often than not, which would be of great concern had his recent missile tests been armed with an atomic warhead.

There is a new concern on the horizon of South Koreans, however, as Kim and the North Koreans could possibly resort to decades-old technology in order to deliver their nuclear payloads, all without being detected on radar.

“North Korean despot Kim Jong-un is preparing his special forces for suicide parachute missions across the border on 70-year-old Stalin era biplanes.

“The dictator has a fleet of 300 Antonov An-2 transport aircraft which are capable of flying as slow as 30 miles-per-hour and can even go backwards into a heavy headwind.

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“The aircraft, which were designed in 1947, have an incredibly low radar profile – meaning they are difficult to track using conventional radar. They also fly at such a slow speed that modern anti-aircraft systems are programmed to ignore their limited returns.

“Also, the aircraft can hug the earth meaning ground-based missile systems will not pick them up and supersonic attack jets will find difficulty in detecting them from above.

“It is feared the old aircraft could even deliver a nuclear bomb – possibly in a suicide attack into a strategically vital location.

“It is believed North Korea has at least 1,000 artillery pieces within striking range of Seoul, the South Korean capital, which is home to 25 million people.”

This isn’t the first piece of relatively ancient military technology that has North Korea’s enemies concerned.

The North Koreans possess an impressive fleet of relatively low tech diesel submarines that, by global standards are wildly outdated.  The concern with these pieces of equipment is due to their near silence while operating under electric power, as the diesel engines are built to merely charge the battery-driven propulsion system.  Deep in the Pacific Ocean, the vessels are nearly impossible to detect using underwater surveillance technology with operator relying on the noise created by water passing over the hulls of the subs, hoping that the rust accumulation on the older submersibles creates a “louder” acoustic fingerprint.


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