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North Korea Continues Push For Conflict, Activity At Nuke Sites Spotted

The escalation of military posturing between the United States and North Korea has reached alarming new heights this week, as Kim Jong Un gets to work at his various, controversial nuclear sites.

After the return of American prisoner Otto Warmbier to the United States last week, comatose and on the verge of death, North Korea has come under fire from a great many Americans for their obvious mistreatment of the man accused of removing a propaganda poster from a hotel.  Warmbier’s 15 year sentence of hard labor for the “crime” was cut short after the American fell into a coma at the hands of his North Korean captors.  A year later, (last week), he was returned to America, still comatose and now in a vegetative state, with only a few days left to live.

Roughly 24 hours after the death of Otto Warmbier, Donald Trump ordered the U.S. military to send a message to North Korea in the form of two supersonic bombers streaking across the skies of the Korean Peninsula.  Now, in the wake of that warning, North Korea is stepping up their own tactical anti-diplomacy with a renewed bit of action at one of their illegal nuclear test sites.

“US spy satellites have detected new activity at North Korea’s underground nuclear test site for the first time in several weeks, two US officials told CNN.

“The activity appears to involve some modifications around one of the tunnel entrances to an underground test area.
“The officials said it is not yet clear if the activity indicates a sixth nuclear test is imminent, but noted there is concern that North Korea could set off a test during Wednesday’s visit to Washington by top Chinese diplomats and military officials.
“US officials have known that the site is ready to conduct an underground test for some time.
“Two senior US officials with direct knowledge also told CNN that military options for North Korea have recently been updated, and will be presented to President Donald Trump for a decision to act if there is a nuclear test.”
Should Kim Jong Un continue his sanity-questioning streak of provocation against the United States, it would certainly warrant a military answer from President Trump.  Not only has North Korea continuously attempted to launch high-powered weapons in the general direction of the U.S., and allies such as South Korea and Japan, but the renewed focus on their horrific, Holocaust-style labor camps in the wake of Warmbier’s passing is enough to send even the most ardent isolationist into a fit of moral rage.
Indications of a possible strike on North Korea have been hiding in plain sight this week, as the 10 hour flight of the supersonic B1-B bombers over the peninsula were certainly aimed at providing a training opportunity for these pilots.  In addition, Donald Trump has publicly thanked China for their attempts to contain Kim Jong Un’s aggression, but was forced to admit that the hopes for Chinese intervention are long gone.

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