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North Korea Certain to Use Nukes, Says Defector


Those lucky enough to have escaped North Korea with their lives have provided us with a terrifying glimpse into the mind of their despotic dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Of those who have managed to elude capture on their way to freedom, many have shocked the international community with tales of Holocaust-like labor camps, omnipresent hunger, and a complete and utter lack of outside influence being allowed in the reclusive nation.

Now, another defector has an extremely dire warning for those looking to challenge the certifiably insane Kim Jong Un:   The Supreme Leader is ready, willing, and able to use nuclear weapons against his enemies.

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“A senior North Korean defector has told NBC News that the country’s ‘desperate’ dictator is prepared to use nuclear weapons to strike the United States and its allies.

“Thae Yong Ho is the most high profile North Korean defector in two decades, meaning he is able to give a rare insight into the secretive, authoritarian regime.

“According to Thae, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is ‘desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and ICBM.’ He was using an acronym for intercontinental ballistic missiles — a long range rocket that in theory would be capable of hitting the U.S.”

This is far from the first instance in which North Korea’s nuclear capabilities have been touted as significant.  Kim Jong Un himself has recently threatened to detonate nuclear devices as an “inaugural surprise” for U.S. President Donald Trump, and is openly defiant of the globe’s willingness to stymy him.

Now, with Trump taking office and appointing no nonsense leaders such as James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense, the amount of noise that Kim Jong Un will be allowed to make should diminish immensely.  Mattis himself as recently as last week announced that he was leaving no option off the table as it pertained to North Korea.


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