North Korea

North Korea Begins Roundup of American Citizens Ahead of Certain Conflict

The hermitic regime of King Jong Un in North Korea has taken further steps to aggravate the United States this week with the arrest of several U.S. citizens.

As President Donald Trump ordered the USS Carl Vinson and other warships to the Korean Peninsula, despotic dictator Kim Jong Un has been busy finding new ways to antagonize the world’s most capable military.  Not only has the North Korean leader attempted to launch a forbidden missile and ramped up activity at the country’s illegal nuclear weapons facilities, there have been an inordinate amount of threats being bandied about in America’s general direction.

Now, North Korea is taking action against American citizens in the country, a move that could redraw President Donald Trump’s line in the sand.

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“North Korea has reportedly detained another American citizen, according to South Korean reports.

“A Korean-American professor identified as Tony Kim (Kim Sang-duk) was detained at Pyongyang International Airport recently, reports Yonhap News Agency. Kim, who worked at Yanbian University of Science and Technology, was working on aid and relief projects in the North. Kim spent one month in North Korea to sort out the details of the programs.

“North Korean authorities grabbed him at the airport as he was preparing to return home. The reason for his arrest remains unclear, as reports of his detention have yet to be officially verified.

“The Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which often serves as an informal intermediary between North Korea and other countries, said a Korean-American man was detained Friday. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, as well as the unification ministry, have yet to confirm the reports.”

Why exactly North Korea would wish to detain American citizens en masse, other than to provoke a response from the United States, has yet to be determined.  Given North Korea’s penchant for cruel and inhumane captivity, as evidence by their forced labor camps, one can imagine that these Americans are not being held in the most accommodating state.  The possibilities for human rights violations are endless in the dictatorship, adding an extra sense of urgency to any possible political action to retrieve these detainees.

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