North Korea

North Korea Apologists Emerge From The Left After Prisoner’s Death

The rogue regime of North Korea has taken their extreme isolation and tyranny to an unprecedented level in recent years, and now, leftist apologists for the hermit kingdom are flooding the media.

While Kim Jong Un and his military continue to tout their nuclear capabilities, and their desire to wipe the United States off of the map with a massive atomic attack, fears of such catastrophe have been largely tempered by the inability of North Korea to successfully launch intercontinental missiles that travel more than 500 miles, let alone the expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

One of the more pressing issues in the dictatorship remains, however, in the form of the reclusive nation’s unfathomable human rights abuses.

Highlighted by their employment of numerous concentration camps, of which North Korean defectors have claimed is far more brutal than those established by the Nazis of World War II, North Korea’s intense and immense history of torture, abuse, and industrial-strength death programs at these sites has been a point of contention for a great many international amnesty groups.

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Furthering the concern for the prisoners taken by North Korea this week is the death of American Otto Warmbier, a former inmate at precisely such an institution.  Warmbier, who was recently released back to the United States in a coma passed away yesterday from injuries sustained during his time in North Korea custody.  The obvious reaction by many in the United States was to devise a plan of action to ensure that this could never again happen to an American citizen.

Of course, of the left, there has bee an odd, contrasting reaction in which North Korea is being defended by the liberals.

“Warmbier, 22, was arrested and then sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor. He reportedly fell into a coma shortly after his arrest. He was abruptly released by North Korea last week and died on Monday afternoon.

“The ‘hostile act’ Warmbier allegedly committed was attempting to remove a propaganda banner from the hotel where he was staying.

“On Monday, The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin tweeted a link to an interview he did with Warmbier’s roommate. In the tweet, Rogin called Warmbier ‘an innocent kid tortured by an evil regime.’


 “In a tweet, Affinity Magazine objected to Rogin’s characterization, dismissing it as ‘whiteness’:
Image source: Twitter screenshot

This characterization of Warmbier, and the defense of North Korea by Affinity Magazine, is appalling at the very least.

North Korean human rights abuses are literally occurring at levels akin to the actions at camps such Dachau and Auschwitz, yet the leftist agitators of the media are somehow twisting their own beliefs to allow it, simply to argue with someone via the internet.  It is yet another piece of evidence that has revealed the shallow and forgetful nature of the radical left, who are exploiting the death of an American citizen at the hands of a brutal regime in order to create a “hot take” on the situation, hoping to garner theoretical internet points.

Shame on Affinity, and all those who wish to defend the Holocaust-like actions of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea.

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