North Korea

North Korea Admits Being Ready to Initiate EMP Attack on U.S.

Much of the concern surrounding North Korea’s nuclear program has come in the form of doom and gloom predictions about their ability to get an ICBM all the way to the continental United States.

That threshold was apparently crossed in two missile tests that occurred in July, experts say.  The next step would be the miniaturization of the rogue regime’s nuclear weapons, another hurdle that the North Korean military claimed to have eclipsed just this week with the testing of a purported hydrogen bomb that was capable of being mated with one of the country’s newest rockets.

Now, however, an old threat has resurfaced thanks in part to a report by North Korean news agencies regarding the possibility of using an electromagnetic pulse weapon, or EMP, to cripple U.S. infrastructure.

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“North Korea for the first time this week revealed plans for using its nuclear arms for space-based electronics-disrupting EMP attacks, in addition to direct warhead ground blasts.

“The official communist party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published a report Monday on ‘the EMP might of nuclear weapons,’ outlining an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack produced by detonating a nuclear warhead in space.

“‘In general, the strong electromagnetic pulse generated from nuclear bomb explosions between 30 kilometers and 100 kilometers [18.6 miles and 62 miles] above the ground can severely impair electronic devices, electric machines, and electromagnetic grids, or destroy electric cables and safety devices,’ said the article authored by Kim Songwon, dean of Kim Chaek University of Technology in Pyongyang.”

While this warning certainly sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, the ability to produce such devastating results has long been within the realm of possibility for North Korea.

In fact, launching a nuclear weapon into space via a satellite is far simpler for a nation such as North Korea than bypassing international missile defense systems that have been in place since the Cold War in order to strike the United States, lending an eerie air of credibility to these latest claims.

Currently, North Korea has two satellites orbiting the planet, both of which are believed to be capable of carrying out a deadly and destructive EMP attack should the hermit kingdom arm them for such nefarious action.

Such an attack, however, would likely end the Kim regime for good after the United States has warned North Korea several times about a “massive military response” to any further provocation.  An EMP blast would certainly fit that description.

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