North Carolina’s Newest Billboard Explains Trump Travel Ban With 9/11 Analogy

Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration from terror-supporting countries may be dead in the water, but one North Carolina billboard isn’t ready to quit the discussion.

President Trump brought to the Oval Office a campaign promise that he made to the American people during the ridiculously arduous 2016 election:  He would install a temporary moratorium on travel to and from several nations who were known to the intelligence community to possess a radical Islamic terror threat to the nation.  While the President twice attempted to use executive orders to pause this travel in order to create an “extreme vetting” process for these potentially radicalized travelers, twice they have been struck down by meddling leftist judges, some of whom had deep connections to former President Barack Obama.

One group of pastors in North Carolina, however, would like all Americans to remember exactly what the 9/11 hijackers did, noting that none of those hijackers originated from a nation included in Trump’s ban.

“A controversial North Carolina billboard has drawn criticism for referring to the 9/11 terror attack in promoting President Trump’s travel ban.

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“The billboard on I-40 in Catawba County says ‘why support President Trump’s immigration ban? 19 Muslim immigrants killed 2977 Americans. September 11, 2001.’

“A group called the North Carolina Pastors Network paid for the billboard and has refused to remove it.

“‘This has nothing whatsoever to do with hatred or hostility toward anyone that comes from a background,’ Dave Kistler, the group’s president, told WCNC-TV. ‘I have dear friends that are Muslim.’

“The station points out that 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon. Those countries are not part of the Trump’s travel ban.”

The billboard could instead be referring to the rapid shift of radical Islam’s priorities.  Where the terror organization once had a penchant for attacking American interests nearly exclusively, the group has since galvanized around the concept of eradicating the entire world’s non-Muslim population.  Instead of fighting against purely western interests, the group is now far more concerned with installing Islam as the global religion of choice, wiping out all of Christianity as we speak.


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