North Carolina NAACP Pastor Claims “Heresy” in POTUS’ Oval Office Prayer Circle

The left’s ridiculous “resistance” to President Trump has gifted us with a nearly comical array of excuses for defying the Commander in Chief, but one religious leader in North Carolina is claiming sacrilege in order to defame The Donald.

In our modern political theater, it is well understood that the right wing, conservative republicans are very open regarding their faith, and willing to discuss the subject at any level.  God is a large part of their moral code, and the lessons of the scripture are helping to guide them through their legislative journey.  The left, of course, abhors this, and uses the often-misquoted “separation of Church and State” ideal to combat the GOP every chance that they can.  It was no surprise that the left would come out of the woodwork to attack the President shortly after a photo surfaced showing a number of religious leaders laying hands on Trump in the Oval Office while conducting a group prayer.  What is surprising is that it took an alleged Man of God to make the boldest and most inflammatory claim of them all:  Heresy.

“A photo of the gathering made the rounds on social media, but didn’t sit well with North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber II.

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“On MSNBC’s ‘AM Joy’ on Saturday morning, Barber called the prayer ‘theological malpractice bordering on heresy.’

 “‘It is a form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy when you can p-r-a-y for a president and others when they are p-r-e-y, preying on the most vulnerable, you’re violating the most sacred principles of religion.’

“Barber’s comments set the North Carolina Republican Party ablaze.

“In a news release on Sunday, the party said it was ‘shocked and outraged’ over Barber’s ‘claim that it’s a sin to pray for President Trump.’”

It seems that, for the liberals of America, there is no separation of Church and State when it comes to the republicans.  They are simply damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

This is all part of the liberal war on religion, specifically Christianity, manifesting itself in highly ironic ways.  By engaging a leftist preacher to condemn prayer, a new level of oxymoronic banter has been achieved within the radical left.  Not only did Barber insult the church for which he claims to be speaking for, but his comments only create further divisiveness based solely on his own judgement.

As for those who will condemn these attacks on a member of the clergy as equally rhetorical, remember what the Bible tells us about judgement.

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