Non-President Hillary Questions Trump’s Patriotism Ahead of Putin Summit

If there is one thing that the American people are growing ever more tired of, it’s the constant pressure being applied to Donald Trump by people who have no business wielding such criticism.

As a reminder, Hillary Clinton, one of the most flawed candidates in the history of American politics, was soundly defeated by Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  This, of course, sent the liberal left into a tizzy, as they railed against the new President simply because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.  They rioted, they protested, and they raged against the entire American electoral process, claiming that Donald Trump’s victory just could not have been an appropriate result in 2018, pretending that America had moved away from electing the best person for a job, and were now going to elect only minorities and women.

Of course, this is the same sort of backwards thinking that has been at the center of the debate over forced diversity in universities and the job market, where, often the most qualified candidates are overlooked because they don’t fit the ethnic or social expectations of the bleeding hearts at the top levels of academia and the corporate world.

Now, Hillary Clinton, a woman who was unable to find her way into the presidency during this last election, thinks that she somehow has a better idea about how the President should be acting.

This continued insinuation that Donald Trump is some sort of Russian double agent has been widely debunked, and even Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made sure to reiterate last week that this was not a partisan issue.

Besides, Trump hasn’t exactly been friendly with Russia during his time in the Oval Office.

For this question to be asked, Clinton must ignore the humiliating slaughter of several hundred attacking Russian mercenaries by U.S. forces in Syria earlier this year that Putin did (could) not retaliate for; Trump authorizing sending lethal weapons to Ukraine–which Obama refused to do; Trump authorizing sending Patriot Missiles to Poland; U.S. Marines in Ukraine right now training Ukraine marines; Trump administration diplomatic and economic sanctions against Russia and Russia figures; the massive increase in U.S. defense spending under Trump and Trump’s commitment to modernizing US nuclear weapons systems.

So, are Hillary Clinton’s baseless accusations going anywhere?  Not likely.  Are they productive?  Nope.

All that these bizarre allegations do is continue to sow discord and dissent among We The People for the purpose of dividing us into electoral segments that Hillary and the democrats can pounce on.  Remember that when it’s time to visit your polling place.

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