Nobody Ever Said You have to have a BRAIN to Protest

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Am I the only one who wonders about the IQ of people who decide to protest these days? NOT because they choose to protest BUT the stupid antics they use when they do it.

So, you are sick and tired of your neighborhood being full of violence. Do you set up a neighborhood watch? NO.  You decide to take a walk around that neighborhood with a variety of weapons and rocks. You then threaten your neighbors and smash their windows. Yeah that seems like a SOLUTION!!!

You are fed up with women being viewed as sex objects so you walk around topless. I know a couple of gnats that MIGHT be impressed by your SAT scores. By the way Femen your protest of Wax Trump looks more like a campaign poster FOR him than opposition. Who knew half naked women could be so stupid?

Friends and neighbors, the term “Mob Mentality” is the ultimate oxymoron. (For those of you who only saw “protest” and decided to read this; an oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined. Examples: seriously funny, awfully pretty and sweet sorrow.) There is no mentality in a mob. Even a relatively smart person drops IQ points when surrounded by a bunch of mindless people (some of them are probably being paid to be there) who had nothing better to do than join in. Protesters use to stand FOR something. They did their research. They tried to find peaceful solutions. They did not go out to cause havoc and get their face splashed all over social media. They were interested in JUSTICE, not 15 minutes of fame.

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The very second that the term “paid protester” was created, society as a whole became lessened. There was a time decades ago when “Marching” meant something. It was something done by soldiers and those who had a passion for a cause. These days it just means a traffic jam might make you late for work.

It is not a matter of being disrespected by others but a matter of you disrespecting yourself to display contempt for our world instead of trying to make it a better place. That is not protest that is throwing a tantrum in public. Too bad nobody taught you the difference. Perhaps you should put down the posters, put on some clothes and go to a library. Attempt to gain some knowledge because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Walking around topless is just exhibitionism.

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