No, Trump did NOT Threaten Hillary



In a speech in North Carolina, Donald Trump expressed his concern that Hillary would ban the Second Amendment.

He said, “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks….Although the Second Amendment people…maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The Democrats accused Trump of threatening to assassinate Hillary.  Yeah, fat chance of assassinating that wily, chunky candidate. Didn’t she survive Bill’s endless affairs?

Trump is not Oswald.  The violent people in America are the Soros advocates who bust up Trump’s conventions.

Trump simply said that he was worried that the gun advocates might take it out on Hillary.  That’s not his decision.  It’s his concern. He was not supporting it. He was criticizing such actions.  He was warning, not threatening.

He was looking out for Hillary.  Not an easy target to miss in her loose pant suits.

Democrats will do anything to twist Trump’s words into what suits their agenda. They want Trump to seem like a nut so they can dismiss him.

Liberals will provide the nut crackers, the salt and the twisted shells that make “seem” appear and appear “seem” but bear no relationship to reality.

Liberals hate Trump because he wants to make America strong.  They want to make America weak because they feel that strength is racist,  favoring the whites.  They do not like competition.  They think surrender is polite.

Democrats want to apply color to every situation. They do not understand a color blind society.  They are the racists who hate for sport like teams in a grudge match.

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