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No Surprise Here: London Attack Carried Out by Radical Islam


The antiquated ethos of political correctness prevented the media from stating the obvious in the wake of yesterday’s terror attack in Great Britain.

CNN went so far as to label the attack a “firearms incident”, even though the attacker used his vehicle and a knife to carry out the dastardly actions.  Now, only one day later, the writing on the wall has become completely legible thanks to an admission from international terror syndicate ISIS.

“ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in London on Wednesday, according to Prime Minister Theresa May.

“Described by witnesses as ‘Asian and in his forties,’ investigations regarding the British-born jihadist and any possible associates are ongoing, said May in a statement.

“She said that the attacker was ‘a British citizen who was known to the police and security services and had been investigated some years ago over violent extremism.'”

Yesterday’s incident carried with it some absolutely bizarre reporting inconsistencies.   There was of course, the aforementioned “firearms incident” moniker, along with the completely absurd notion that the attacker was Asian – even after photos surfaced of an olive-skinned man with a black, curly beard labeled as the attacker being loaded into an ambulance.  Then, there was a widely-disseminate misidentification of the subject as a prominent Muslim religious icon who is currently incarcerated.

Of course, these mistakes were all made by the mainstream media, who have been hesitant to label anything as Islamic terrorism for fear of upsetting the leftist goons who control them.

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