North Korea

No Signs of Letting Up by Kim Jong Un Amid Stressful Stalemate with U.S.

North Korea has grown ever more reckless in their quest to antagonize the United States this week, with a massive disaster not at all impeding their ballistic missile testing.

Kim Jong Un and his military have been hard at work testing both intercontinental ballistic missiles and atomic weapons over the course of the last few months, with dual ICBM launches and the likely detonation of a thermonuclear device sending shivers down the spines of the world at large.  Furthermore, the ruthless regime’s continued underground blasts have so severely damaged their testing facility that a collapse has occurred this week, killing a reported 200 North Koreans.

With no remorse and no time to mourn, Kim is back at it, this time preparing yet another possible nuclear test that not only demonstrates his utter indifference over the plight of his people, but further provokes the United States and her allies in the region.

“NORTH Korea could be preparing another ballistic missile test after ‘brisk activity’ at one of Kim Jong-un’s nuclear research facility, according to local media.

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“South Korea’s spy agency is anticipating another rocket launch insisting the crackpot state would continuously push to develop ‘miniaturised, diversified’ warheads.

“The South’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has spotted “active movement” of vehicles at Kim’s research centre in Pyongyang – indicating the war-hungry despot is preparing another test.

“The NIS also mentioned damage to the Punggye-ri nuclear site in the north-east of the country after three aftershocks following the North’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3.”

There are further concerns surrounding the continues use of the Penggye-ri site as well, given the recent, tragic tunnel collapse.

North Korean insiders have urged the regime to discontinue the use of the particular test site, as they believe that the mounting underneath which the detonations occur could be at risk of collapsing in on itself.  Should this occur, there is the horrific possibility that the radiation contained within, from years of nuclear testing, could escape as a cloud of nuclear dust and spread in the wind across Asia.



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