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No New Clues to Vegas Shooter’s Motive After Science Takes Over

It is beginning to look like we may never know what caused Stephen Paddock to meticulously plan out his heinous attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas.

The 64 year old retired millionaire is an anomaly among domestic terrorists.  What authorities have so far uncovered regarding Paddock’s life has created a great many more questions than answers, as the talented gambler showed no signs of rage or violence previous to his attack on country music fans over a week ago, nor was there any indication that Paddock had recently experience a life-changing loss, diagnosis, or breakup.

In the room where Paddock laid out his horrific assault, no manifesto or note was found.  The only item in Paddock’s handwriting to be found were some morbid calculations on hotel stationary in which the shooter worked to ensure that his aim was true when targeting innocent civilians, 58 of whom he killed, with another 500+ being injured by bullets, trampling, shrapnel, and chaos.

Now, scientists have had a chance to examine the brain of Paddock, hoping to perhaps find something of note that could explain his sudden killing spree.  Unfortunately, no answers were found in that examination either.

“The Las Vegas sheriff leading the investigation into America’s worst mass shooting has said ‘we may never know’ what motivated Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people.

“Joe Lombardo said and exam of Paddock’s brain has revealed ‘no abnormalities’ while girlfriend Marilou Danley had ‘no concerns’ over his mental health.

“Detectives have contacted every branch of Paddock’s family tree, including both his ex-wives, but have no uncovered anything that would explain his murderous actions.

“‘All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found,’ Lombardo said in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Asked if investigators are any closer to uncovering a motive, he added: ‘We may never know.'”

This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of what has been deemed the worst mass shooting in American history; the fact that we may never know exactly why it occurred.

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Furthermore, the events of that fateful night have spurred a great deal of controversy among armchair detectives who are having a difficult time believing that Paddock was the sole perpetrator, and that the security guard that Paddock shot 6 minutes before his rampage began didn’t somehow alert authorities to the situation in time to prevent the next 15 minutes of mayhem.


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