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There is NO GREATER SIN for a Christian than to stand idly by, not cast their vote, and allow the mass slaughter of MILLIONS more lives.   To not vote IS to vote. There’s no hula-hoop logic that can get you around this fact. There is, perhaps, no greater offense, no greater wickedness, than to know Truth, not share that Truth, and as a result millions, if not billions perish because of your decision to sit this one out.

This Presidential election is pivotal. It is a clear decision between the opportunity to press pause on the blatant corruption and demise of our country versus pompous unadulterated evil. We are facing a do or die moment for the principles that America rests upon. This is not an over statement on my part. LIFE, the first of the three inalienable rights our Founders recognized that every man has been given by our Creator, will be up for serious debate if Hillary Clinton is elected. Make no mistake, Hillary will export a culture of death to the world that would surprise even Stalin. Like Obama went from nation to nation exporting same-sex marriage and tying U.S. aid and business opportunities to whether or not a country complied with his thoughts on the subject. Hillary will transport mass murder on the most vulnerable of people in the name of A WOMAN’S CHOICE!

During the third and final Presidential Debate, Hillary made no equivocations on her belief that an unborn child has NO CONSTITUTIONAL rights. That, in fact, a mother can decide at ANY moment during her pregnancy to murder her child. Donald Trump accurately retorted several times, that what Hillary wants is the choice for a mother to murder her child right up to the moment of conception. This, people, is barbaric! A level of vicious cruelty that would have made the Mayans of Mesoamerica blush. Perhaps, for the morally insensitive people among us, one could venture to think that what is growing in her is nothing more than an unidentifiable blob of tissue. But, how morally bankrupt must one be to think and then act upon the thought that at 9 months of pregnancy, 6 months of pregnancy the person she’s carrying is, in fact, not a person. The baby is completely recognizable. Surely, at that point, no one thinks she’s carrying a tadpole. Right? How have we fallen so far from common sense? Hillary was very open that she will stack the Supreme Court with Justices who will see things as she sees them.

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There is no greater sin then to sit on your vote and WILLFULLY allow this demon influenced person to take office. America is the greatest country on the face of the planet. It is the greatest country in the world because it was founded on the greatest political document every written in the world. That is, the U.S. Constitution. But, this Constitution can be modified with the flick of a wrist. There is no other country like America. No other country has the sway, the influence, and the reach of America. America has the ability to move an entire nation one way or the other. In this Presidential election, Americans have the potential to choose the message of LIFE!

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