No Christian Radio on School Buses in Arkansas (Video)

For many, the idea that a school bus driver would play music at all might seem strange.  There was no question when I was growing up that there was no music allowed on the school bus.  But, this is a different age apparently.  Now, bus drivers can play music while they drive the students to and from school.

But, the one thing that is not allowed is the playing of Christian music.  That is because there was complaints made and a letter sent,

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KFSM News reports

Siloam Springs School District has advised a school bus driver not to play a Christian radio station while transporting children, said superintendent Ken Ramey.

A parent contacted the district on Monday (Sept. 26) and asked that the driver not play anything with a religious connection.

Ramey said a delay in communication resulted in the parent contacting the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which sent this letter to the district Friday (Sept. 30).

Of course, this letter was not necessary because like with most state schools Siloam Springs was ready to capitulate.  They do not want a fight because they believe that the Freedom From Religion Federation and this parent are correct in their misreading of the Establishment Clause.

KFSM continues

“We understand that the students on the bus are in a contained situation and under the establishment clause we’re supposed to be religiously neutral,” Ramey said. “So, we see this as a verifiable incident that can be corrected.”

Ramey said the driver has been informed and it is no longer an issue. He added the driver meant no harm by playing Christian radio, but district staff will be reminded to abstain from religious material around students.

“We’ll just simply be educating our people, bring it to the conscious level,” Ramey said. “Just really good people who have no intent to promote religion, it’s just who they are.”

I think that it is time that we Christians leave Caesar’s schools to the pagans and the atheists.  Let them have their school building and their false morality.  And let’s educate our own children.  See how long their schools can stand without Christian teachers, parents or students.

I will let Voddie Baucham explain it to you.


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