There is No Actual Global Warming Crisis; Except in the Minds of some Politicians

There is No Actual Global Warming Crisis; Except in the Minds of some Politicians (Part 4)

Today, the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” which is largely a work of fantasy and fiction is still considered by the GWA to have merit – Yet, none of its predictions have come true since Florida and none of the major cities of the world have flooded from what has been nominal sea rise in the last ten years recorded as 1.8 mm per year (18 mm, less than 3/4th of an inch in ten years) and the Polar Bears have not gone extinct, in fact their population has over doubled.

In truth, Al Gore and the GWA routinely make dire assertions that “if this or that happens” that are totally improbable and unrealistic with exaggerated consequences – But subconsciously and unscientifically, people often fall for them because of the implied notion that Global Warming exists (even when it does not) and of course it must be the cause for anything bad. You find a glut of this misinformation in the media where Global Warming is absurdly connected to: An increase in Shark Attacks, Beheadings in the middle east, a drought in California, an extra warm day in Wichita Falls, Texas, Worsening Weather Conditions when our weather is quite normal and mild from a historical perspective.

This preponderance of GWA propaganda has placed implied assumptions in people’s minds – Which may have no actual scientific or factual basis for asserting a relationship.   As a consequence, well-meaning people and the media will create unfounded relationships and try to find absurd ways to eliminate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere to solve the exaggerated GW-problem: even when CO2 is essential to all plant and animal life on our planet and, as we have exposed in this series – CO2 is unlikely to really be a problem that needs solving.

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The current Modern Grand Solar Maximum we have been experiencing since 1850 AD has been a very prosperous and beneficial period for our progress and prosperity. Much like the previous Medieval Grand Solar Maximum (900 AD – 1300 AD) when the Arctic ice receded allowing Vikings, like Leif Erickson, to discover the North American Continent, Greenland to become Green with vegetation, and the warmer climate allowing improved living conditions and progress for most of the Northern Hemisphere.

We should be thankful for this gift of prosperity and the additional Carbon Dioxide that has improved our plant and crop growth needed to support our growing populations.   However, the real danger that the GWA is not talking about is the transition that has been taking place since 2010 into the next Solar Minimum where the Northern Hemisphere winters have already faced many record-breaking 100-year records for cold and snow which is expected to go much lower – Perhaps to break 200-year or even dire 400-year records for snow and cold.

  • Net-Net: There is no actual Global Warming Crisis! The GWA claims of a catastrophic and unending warming calamity is not supported by satellite or weather balloon measurement observations that show no unusual or acute warming trends, but only by their own arbitrary climate models that are too biased toward trace amounts of CO2 gas predicting a dramatic upswing in the earth’s global temperatures based on GWA models which have never been scientifically validated against actual satellite and weather balloon observations (the most accurate) – Which show their models to be invalid!
    • Their Models are based on the shaky premise that increased CO2 concentrations produce increased temperatures – When CO2 increases are actually the natural result of evaporation and temperature increases caused by the Sun as well as volcanic emission above and below the sea.
    • Normally using proper scientific methods, such models would be adjusted to correlate with empirical observations – Not by manipulating the reported scientific data to achieve a pre-determined false conclusion that ‘Man’s use of fossil fuels has caused a “Climate Crisis” desired by the UN IPCC & GWA’.
      • Models suffering from such inconsistencies and that are considered extremely complex, should recognize that these symptoms are common when the underlying assumptions of the computer models are incorrect – Of course, the Politics of ‘Anthropocentric Climate Change’ will not permit any consideration that perhaps the assumption that Man, Fossil Fuel emissions of Trace CO2 could be wrong. Too much Money and Power depends on defending the GWA status quo.
    • Examination of Russian Ice Cores by scientists reveal that both very-high and low levels of CO2 concentration have been historically present during both high and low temperature periods – Suggesting that CO2 concentrations have very little to do with long-term climate change and temperature rise and fall, except as a consequence of our Sun’s warming.
      • The extreme cold periods preceding and during the extremely cold ‘Ice Age’ revealed Carbon Dioxide concentrations that were ten-times our current concentrations (i.e., 4,000 ppm to 7,000 ppm).
    • Anthropocentric Climate Change Theory is not rooted in solid science. Rather it is a politically-inspired ‘Progressive Movement’ and Man-Made Climate Crisis that is exaggerated by the false claim that it is the “Most Serious Threat to our Security Today!!!” – A very high-bar considering our $19 Trillion in debt and estimated $270 Trillion in unsecured liabilities, the fragile USA & World Economy as well as increased Terrorist Threats here and around the world; plus, the lack of actual science veracity to their claims.

Conclusion of Part 4 and the Series:

Al Gore Global WarmingIn conclusion, the allegiance to the politically-motivated ‘Anthropocentric Climate Change’ myth is preventing a massive improvement in our Economy by political constraints placed on our vast energy resources. We are now being urged to further waste huge amounts of taxpayer money on a “Fool’s Errand” to stop the Man-Made Climate Change, a non-existent threat and impractical task since we cannot control the Sun’s Energy, the Earth’s Tilt and Orbit. The “Climate Change” threat only exists in the GWA political minds and their ambitions to control Energy, ‘De-Develop’ our modern industrialized society, and redistribute the wealth of American Citizens – Using a weak and tenuous link between Trace Man-Made CO2 emissions and our Climate by avoiding acknowledgement of our Sun as the Primary Driver of Climate Change on Earth & in our Solar System.

Political Correctness (PC) and the PC-police have no place in Science and should not be allowed to manipulate scientists and scientific facts, nor bias Science by ‘Picking Winners & Losers’, and, in turn, manipulate the media and the public to advance their own special interests.

Hopefully, this series of articles has encouraged you and given you the tools needed to research this topic for yourself and become informed on the actual science.   We need more informed citizen Skeptics and Deniers!

The next time you are challenged as a non-Global-Warming Believer, ask them a couple of questions to tell you:

  • What percentage of the atmosphere are Greenhouse Gases? (1% GHGs, 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen)
  • What are the two main Greenhouse Gases participating in the Greenhouse Effect?
    (Carbon Dioxide a Trace Gas at 0.04% (400 ppm) and Water Vapor (H2O) at 0.95% (9,500 ppm) )
  • How are most of these two Greenhouse Gases added to our atmosphere?
    (Natural Evaporation by the Sun from the seas: ~100% of the Water Vapor, 95% of the CO2 (400 ppm);
    Only 5% of the CO2 (20 ppm) from Fossil Fuels and Industrial processes)

You will be AMAZED at the lack of knowledge by most GW believers – You will be doing them a favor by giving them some actual science facts on the subject as well as the fun of seeing them ponder and their jaw drop when you tell them that the Greenhouse Gases: Water Vapor and most of the Carbon Dioxide are NOT Caused by Man & Fossil Fuels, since they are created Naturally by Evaporation caused by our Sun.

If they don’t believe you, tell them to “Look it up on Wikipedia” – CO2 is a Trace Gas at 400 ppm! And, at 600 ppm!


Come back tomorrow for a helpful resource that will make it easy for you to  debunk the climate change fraud.


Byron Claghorn

Byron Claghorn is an experienced Business Analyst, Project Manager and Technical Writer. With a keen interest in science, the Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change claims did not ‘Ring True’, so he has focused much time and effort in its research and reporting in this series of articles: “Man-Made Climate Change? – The Science on the Other Side of the Coin”. As a result of trying to ‘Connect the Dots’ in this highly politicized subject of “Climate Change”, this series will both inform as well as provide an example of how you can verify these facts, plus empower you to continue to question and ‘Connect your own Dots’ on this subject.

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