Nick Cannon Calls Planned Parenthood Out On Black Genocide

Helga Esteb /

For the most part, we do not think about the effects that Planned Parenthood has on our nations. We just believe that there will be X amount of unwanted babies to deal with. And though this seems callous, it is the hard truth of even the most ardent Pro-Lifers.

But, if you have been paying attention, there is another effect that has taken hold. The effect that many do not want to say or even hear; the deterioration of the black population. Abortion is one of the causes for the population stagnation among African-Americans.

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Now, someone is saying the very same things that I and others have been saying. The Abortion Agenda especially that of Planned Parenthood is focused on the destruction of the Black American community.  This community has not grown in ten years.

Breitbart reports

Singer and TV personality Nick Cannon doubled down on his criticism of Planned Parenthood, saying the abortion provider was designed to “exterminate” black people.

“When you talked about Margaret Sanger, all the people who follow eugenics. It was all about cleansing,” the America’s Got Talent host said of Planned Parenthood’s founder in a recent interview with DJ Vlad.

“Margaret Sanger said that she wanted to exterminate the negro race, and that she was going to use her organization as she founded to do so,” Cannon continued. “It was more about the sterilization and where it comes to actual ethnic cleansing — where they actually said we want to get rid of a class of people a group of people. “Seventy-five percent of them are all in the hood.”

This is not news to those familiar with Singer and her rhetoric. What is news is that it is a successful/famous black man speaking this way.

I hope his people are listening.

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